Here you can vote in your favorite minifigures to fight in the current tournament! Here are the rules below:

  • Voting for the next match runs every Saturday through Wednesday. Vote for who you think will win on the main page. Battles will be posted most Saturdays.
  • You can nominate only one minifigure at a time. Exception: If you plan to go on an extended break, you may nomate a maximum of ten. The order that of you nominate them is the order they will compete.
  • You cannot vote in fighters who have already fought this season. You may, if you wish, vote them in again the next season.
  • You cannot vote in a minifigure or variant from a set/theme that is unreleased or has not yet been released.
  • It's okay to vote in a fighter that someone else is voting in.
  • If the minifigure you are voting in has more than one variant, please specify the variant.
  • If four or more different minifigures have been voted in, I will use a poll to decide the minifigures. The fighter(s) with the most votes will fight in the next battle. If there is a four-or-more-way tie, I will throw the deciding vote. If your minifigure is not selected, you have permission to vote it in again if you want to.
  • Only vote in minifigures from the following themes. (Creatures also count as minifigures)
  • Exceptions:
    • Chase McCain
    • Rex Fury
    • Captain Redbeard
    • Captain Ironhook
    • Captain Brickbeard
    • Gypsy Moth
    • Alpha Draconis
    • Basil the Bat Lord
    • Cedric the Bull
    • King Leo
    • Princess Storm
    • The Fierce Flame
    • Time Ninja
    • Clutch Powers
    • Mallock the Malign
    • Seventh Sister (Licensed Character Month only)

Licensed Character Months are in January, May, and September.

Dimensions Months are in March, July, and November.

Battle PollEdit

There is no battle poll currently available.

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