Just A Quick Test Battle. 

NOTE: Since This Is A Test, I Am Not As Carefull To Remove Spelling Errors.

Banana Suit Guy Vs. Emmit Vs. Achu

The Anouncer: Dr. Inferno   The Referee: Ogel   The Predicter: Axel

Amset Ra: Welcome all to another gloooooorious battle! Oh no! Now I'm infected!

Sir Fanger: Is that a gloooooorious problem?

Amset Ra: Of course it's a gloooooorious problem! Anyway, in the red corner is the wannabe hipster: Banana Suit Guy!

Banana Suit Guy: Wannabe?! To say the least I am offended...I mean, NOT COOL DUDE!!!!!

Amset Ra: In the green corner is Emmit that one LEGO Movie character!

Emmit: Well that was a lame description...

Amset Ra: Nothing I do is lame! And in the yellow corner is... ah... AH... ACHU!

Sir Fanger: Bless you.

Amset Ra: Gloooooorious! Glooooooorious! Help! Glooooorious!


Achu: I will bless you with defeat.

Dr. Inferno: I'm back.In the the red corner-

Amset Ra: I already did that. Alright Axel Boy, who do you predict will win?

Axel: Achu for sure.

A car drives into the arena

Driver: Who wants a brand spankin' new car?!?!?!

Amset Ra: You can't fool us. That's an oldie. Now get out! Ogel?

Ogel: Yes?

Amset Ra: Sigh...Start the fight.

Ogel: Fight!


Amset Ra: Waa?! We just trashed that thing!

Emmit: It's my new ringtone. Hello?

Banana Suit Guy: Banana!


Emmit: My phone!

Sir Fanger: Must everyone say the glooooorious name of all their gloooooorious attacks?

Banana Suit Guy: It Makes You Cooler!

Sir Fanger: No. It really doesn't.

Amset Ra: AHAH! You didn't say glorious!

Achu: Me use elemental powers!


Dr. Inferno: Achu is sending a massive gust through the arena!

Emmit: This brick is so heavy, I won't be going anywere.

Banana Suit Guy: Unless I...

Dr. Inferno: Emmit has been shoved out of the arena!

Emmit: I never really liked this place anyway...

Amset Ra: That's Ten Years In Jail!

Emmit: Oh boy...

Banana Suit Guy: Banana Scates!

Dr. Inferno: Banana Suit Guy is scating toward Achu!

Achu: ah, Ah, AH, ACHU!!!

Dr. Inferno: Achu's sneeze blew Banana Suit Guy over!

bAnAnA sUiT gUy: mY bAcK...

Achu: Easy Maaaaaan!

Ogel: What's wrong with you?!

bAnAnA sUiT gUy: i BrOkE...

Ogel: 1!...2!...3!...4!

Banana Suit Guy: Fine! Fine! I'll get up!

Achu: You don't have to.


Dr. Inferno: Achu Blew B S G over!

Achu: You don't have to say my every move.

Dr. Inferno: But it's waaaaaaaay more fun, and besides it's my job.

Amset Ra: The user of the week is Weasel23 for writing this stupid battle-


Amset Ra: And the fighter of the week is myself!

Banana Suit Guy: Not cool maaaaaaan

Ogel: This battle is so lame...If only Antimater was here to shake things up.

Antimater: DO YOU NEED ME?

Ogel: Cool text!


Ogel: Eeek!

Antimater: I TAKE THAT AS A NO.

Achu: I'm bored man. Let's get this over with!

Ogel: Since when did you go hip?

Dr. Inferno: Achu picks up B S G and throws him out of the arena!

Sir Fanger: To much gloooooorious talking! To little gloooooorious fighting.

Amset Ra: Sigh End Transmition... I SAID End Transmition!...

Ogel: Computers don't have ears.

Amset Ra: Yes they do! Fine. I'll just break it.


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