• Weasel23

    Test Battle

    June 6, 2017 by Weasel23

    Just A Quick Test Battle. 

    NOTE: Since This Is A Test, I Am Not As Carefull To Remove Spelling Errors.

    Banana Suit Guy Vs. Emmit Vs. Achu

    The Anouncer: Dr. Inferno   The Referee: Ogel   The Predicter: Axel

    Amset Ra: Welcome all to another gloooooorious battle! Oh no! Now I'm infected!

    Sir Fanger: Is that a gloooooorious problem?

    Amset Ra: Of course it's a gloooooorious problem! Anyway, in the red corner is the wannabe hipster: Banana Suit Guy!

    Banana Suit Guy: Wannabe?! To say the least I am offended...I mean, NOT COOL DUDE!!!!!

    Amset Ra: In the green corner is Emmit that one LEGO Movie character!

    Emmit: Well that was a lame description...

    Amset Ra: Nothing I do is lame! And in the yellow corner is... ah... AH... ACHU!

    Sir Fanger: Bless you.

    Amset Ra: Glo…

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