I am going to write these Wars between Invizable's Fighting Cube and Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. This is the first and my second battle. Enjoy!

In The Fighting Pyramid.....

Amset-Ra: Ogel, where are my magnifying glasses?

Ogel walks in carrying a huge bag.

Ogel: Here......master.

Ogel collapses.

Amset-Ra: Oh, well, these many will have to do. Anubis guards, take him to the dungeon!

Ogel: Not again......

Two Anubis guards drag Ogel away.

Amset-Ra lines up the magnifying glasses towards Invizable's fighting cube.

Amset-Ra: Hehehehehehe! UltraCorona!

An incredibly powerful beam is shot through the magnifying glasses, making it even more powerful.

Meanwhile, in the Fighting Cube...

Invizable: These mirrors all over the place are really cool!

The incredibly powerful beam hits the mirrors and bounces around before heading back towards the Fighting Pyramid.

Invizable: Wow! Are those the new laser lights?

Back at the Pyramid.....

Amset-Ra: HHehehehe! What is that?!


5 days later....

Insurance guy: So your Pyramid was blown up by a magnified

Corona beam that was bounced toward your Pyramid by a mirror in a Fighting Cube?

Amset-Ra: Yes.

Insurance guy: I'm sorry, your current situation is not covered in our policy.

Amset-Ra: CORONA!

Insurance guy: Yaziziziziziziziz! End transmission!

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