Speeder bike- It's fast, but does it have the power to take down an AT-AT?

! I am going to write a few Vehicle battles on my blog.

This is the first one and my first ever battle:AT-AT vs. Speeder bike.

The Battle:                                     

Invizable: Welcome to Invizable's fighting cube!

AT-AT - Is this thing fast enough to fight a speeder?

Wyldstyle: I am your announcer and Invizable is the awesome, brainy, cool, disappearing, ecstatic, fun, etc. refree and host of this battle!

Priest of the Tee-Vee: Those adjectives may only be used for the great Tee-Vee!

Lawyer of Invizable: My client has the rights to be described as he likes!

Invizable: Yes! Wait, why aren't our names in bold?

Terabyte: Amset-Ra asked me to sabotage your fighting cube.

Invizable: That traitorous mummy!

AT-AT pilot: When does this battle start? I have to get back to Hoth, you know!

Invizable: All right, start!


Amset-Ra: Corona!


Invizable: My gong!

AT-AT pilot: Shoot that speeder bike!


Wyldstyle: The speeder bike's engine is destroyed!

Speeder bike pilot calls someone on the phone.

Speeder bike pilot: Hello, is this Watto?

Watto: Yes.

Speeder bike pilot: I need an upgrade.

Watto: Okay.

A few minutes later......

Speeder bike pilot: Ha! I got a harpoon gun!

AT-AT pilot: Shoot that bike down!

AT-AT gunner: Hey! We're taking a break! It's always, 'shoot that, shoot this'!

Speeder bike pilot: I need some snow!

Mungus: Mungus give snow!

Speeder bike pilot: Thanks, Mungus! Now I have a Snowspeeder!

AT-AT pilot: What?!

Speeder bike pilot: Hahahahahaha!

The Snowspeeder shoots a harpoon at the AT-AT, tripping it.

AT-AT pilot: Nooooo!


Invizable: My floor!

Wyldstyle: The Speeder bike wins!

Invizable: Join us next time for Ultracopter vs. Ronin R.E.X!

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