aka A snowflake

  • I live in The Sky
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is To fall down gently
  • I am Delicate
  • TheAnonymousA


    March 13, 2016 by TheAnonymousA

    Well, this is just tests of stuff.

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  • TheAnonymousA


    October 7, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi, guys!

    I'm becoming a bit busy now, so I can't be as active as before. I hope you'll understand.

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  • TheAnonymousA

    This is the second Vehicle battle in Invizable's fighting Cube. Enjoy!

    The announcer: Invizable

    The refree: Wyldstyle

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  • TheAnonymousA

    Pyramid War 1

    September 22, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    I am going to write these Wars between Invizable's Fighting Cube and Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. This is the first and my second battle. Enjoy!

    In The Fighting Pyramid.....

    Amset-Ra: Ogel, where are my magnifying glasses?

    Ogel walks in carrying a huge bag.

    Ogel: Here......master.

    Ogel collapses.

    Amset-Ra: Oh, well, these many will have to do. Anubis guards, take him to the dungeon!

    Ogel: Not again......

    Two Anubis guards drag Ogel away.

    Amset-Ra lines up the magnifying glasses towards Invizable's fighting cube.

    Amset-Ra: Hehehehehehe! UltraCorona!

    An incredibly powerful beam is shot through the magnifying glasses, making it even more powerful.

    Meanwhile, in the Fighting Cube...

    Invizable: These mirrors all over the place are really cool!

    The incredibly…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    AT-AT vs.Speeder bike

    September 22, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi! I am going to write a few Vehicle battles on my blog.

    This is the first one and my first ever battle:AT-AT vs. Speeder bike.

    The Battle:                                     

    Invizable: Welcome to Invizable's fighting cube!

    Wyldstyle: I am your announcer and Invizable is the awesome, brainy, cool, disappearing, ecstatic, fun, etc. refree and host of this battle!

    Priest of the Tee-Vee: Those adjectives may only be used for the great Tee-Vee!

    Lawyer of Invizable: My client has the rights to be described as he likes!

    Invizable: Yes! Wait, why aren't our names in bold?

    Terabyte: Amset-Ra asked me to sabotage your fighting cube.

    Invizable: That traitorous mummy!

    AT-AT pilot: When does this battle start? I have to get back to Hoth, you know!

    Invizable: A…

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