Before the Duel

Invizable: I'm not really sure how to do this...

Antman: Zhen vhy vere you hired?

Amset Ra: He never was. Infearno was hired instead.

Dr. Inferno: Me?

Amset Ra: Infearno.

Caila Phoenix: But Infearno won't be fair.

Amset Ra: The Afterlife isn't fair.

Curtis Bolt: Infearno will burn down your pyramid.

Amset Ra: I have pyramid insurance.

Amset Ra walks to his office. The hologram projector is flashing.

Hologram Projector: You have one new message.

Amset Ra views the message.

Message: Your insurance has been cancelled by the Space Police.

Amset Ra: Oh great. I thought I blew them up on Revenge Day.

The Duel

Infearno: Welcome to Amset Ra's Dueling Arena!

Wyldstyle: On the right hand side is Soul Archer!!!

Frenzy: Exclamatory remarks!!!

Wyldstyle: On the left hand side is Jack Fury!!!

Frenzy: More exclamatory remarks!!!

Infearno: Duel!

Jack Fury: How does this metal stick work?!?!?!?!

Soul Archer: I believe you stab the pointy end in yourself.

Jack Fury: Okay. Let's give it a shot. Owowowowowowowowowow!!!!!

Soul Archer: Run, run, run away, my, eh, hammer will find you anyways.

Jack Fury: Stumble a little? Because now you will stumble- a LOT!

Soul Archer: My hammer will be the end of you!


Jack Fury: And the start of my endless victory!


Soul Archer: My hammer!

Jack Fury: Thanks.

Soul Archer: What are you doing!?!?!?!?!?!

Jack Fury: Outfitting my spear with Deepstone.

Soul Archer: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infearno: Soul Archer is back in the Cursed Realm so Jack Fury wins. Oh. By the way, I sacked you, Wyldstyle.

Wyldstyle: What? How could you do this!?!?!?!?!?!

Infearno: Was that to me or about how I could do that. And, of course, I did.

Wyldstyle: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Soul Archer shoots an arrow out of the Cursed Realm which happens to hit the camera, ending the transmission.

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