This is my 2015 New Year's Special!

Amset Ra: Corana!

Rose fell to the ground.

Aquaman: Let's get out of here.

Commander Flash: Not so fast.

Aquaman: Water!

Aquaman and Amset Ra swim away.

In New York City...

Amset Ra: The Crystal Ball is Missing!

Aquaman: Don't worry. Crime is my department.

Amset Ra: But what about the TARDIS?

Aquaman: Don't worry, I can handle them. Count me in.

On the TARDIS's secret base on Mars...

Aquaman: Let's go inside.

DJ: Walk another step and I will blast you with my poison gun.

Amset Ra: Corana!

DJ: You still will not succeed.

The two go inside.

Brawn: Surrender!

Amset Ra: Never!

Brawn: Really, you two are very pathetic.

Aquaman: Water!

Brawn is washed away.

Amset Ra: Let's take the Crystal Ball.

Hoodwink: Stop.

Streak: The TARDIS will win.

Aquaman: For Atlantis!

Hoodwink: Poison!

Amset Ra: Ultimate Corana!

Aquaman: Now, let's take the Crystal Ball.

In NYC...

Announcer: 5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year!

Aquaman cuts the rope with his trident and the Crystal Ball falls to the ground.


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