I was thinking every month there should be a new monthly episode. Every year the topic should change. This year's topic should be about when Master Chen finds out that Dr. Inferno is planing to overthrow Pharaoh Hotep and Amset Ra. Unable to decide what side he should be on, Master Chen tries out Dr. Inferno rebellion. He likes it and joins, but then Invizable forces Chen to give over top secret information about Dr. Inferno. When Dr. Inferno finds out, he calls Chen a traitor and then a fight brakes out between Chen and Dr. Inferno. Amidst all the confusion, Invizable (who was spying on them) calls the Egyptian Police to arrest Dr. Inferno and Master Chen. With Dr. Inferno and Master Chen in jail, Amset Ra's new lawyer (who you meet in the thirty-first battle of Season 1) forces Clouse to hand over Master Chen's palace to be used when there are problems at the Fighting Pyramid.

I actually think that I will write about that as Pyramid Story 7, and that we should vote for this year's topic on the main page. The story above will be an example for the monthly story. Remember, there will have to be one a month, so stretch these stories out! -Surtatb2007

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