Karlof: Let me see.

Kai: Would you mind?

Kai and Karlof prepare for another fight. Meanwhile, the ferry lands and starts to unload, with the sound drums in the distance.

Jay: Wow. Chen has a nice island.

Cole: I agree. Now, Sensei, would you mind telling us who Chen really is?

Garmadon: Before Chen was my enemy, he was my Sensei. He tought me to win at all costs. Then, when the Serpentine Wars began, Chen was fighting with the Serpentine, and I was fighting with the Elemental Masters. I swore never to return here, where Chen was exiled.

Jay: You really shouldn't swear. It's a sign of weak verbal intelligence.

Lloyd: Chen was fighting with Serpentine in the war you and Uncle Wu fought together in?

Garmadon: Yes.

The ninja walk through a archway into the main room in sit down.

Jay: Apparently he never taught you how to laugh. Laugh once in a while. We're in an underground fighting tournament. This is supposed to be fun.

Clouse: All rise for Master Chen.

<Insert trumpet sounds here>

Master Chen: Welcome to the Tournament of Elements. Look at the Jade Blade Clouse is holding. Here, it represents life. Find it, and you move on. Don't, and you lose. Now, you can also lose by sneaking around. But why would we? I'm not hiding anything.

The Ninja (whispering): Except for Zane.

Master Chen: What was that? Anyways, my Kabuki will show you to your rooms.

Clouse: Master, I have heard of a place called Amset Ra's Fighting Pyramid.

Master Chen: You know what? I do! Go to Amset Ra's Fighting Pyramid.

Elemental Masters (whispering): Amset Ra's?

Master Chen: Yes, go now. It gives me more time to conquer Ninjago! Sorry, I mean make more noodles!

The Ninja: But where's Zane?

Zane: I'm right here!

The Ninja: ZANE!

To be continued...

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