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  • I live in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Reader, Writer, Adventurer!
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  • Surtatb2007

    This is my New Year's Special 2017!

    Pharoah Hotep: Hey son? I'm going to take a nice hot bath.

    Amset Ra: Okay. Just don't kill yourself in toxic sludge!

    Pharoah Hotep: I will!

    Pharoah Hotep walks to Jokerland.

    Joker: HeHeHeHeHe! He walked right into our trap!

    Riddler: The trap is waiting to be sprung; the carnage has only just begun!

    Clayface: Food! Food! YumYum.

    Two-Face: Yes, oh yes. I will get my revenge.


    Pharoah Hotep: There's the Toxic Pool thingy majigy.

    The Cat in the Hat: Hey! That's copyright infringement!

    Pharoah Hotep: Who cares.

    The Cat in the Hat: Why this sounds like a job for Thing 1 and Thing 2!

    Thing: Someone called?

    Clayface: Cheap knockoff. Clayface destroy cheap knockoff!

    Thing: You may fight, but I will win. I will triumph!

    Riddler: Fight now, an…

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  • Surtatb2007

    Darth Vader: Why does that upstart Kylo Renn get the First Order! I want it! And what I want, I get!

    Kylo Ren: I cheat at cards.

    Darth Vader: You got the First Order through cards?

    Kylo Ren: Eh. Let's see what you get.

    Cards: I am the ze Cardz, Zpeaker of Phoebeuz Apollo.

    Cards: You will go to Amset Ra's Armory and fight in a gentleman's duel against one Jack Fury with a shuriken.

    Darth Vader: But I don't know how to use a shuriken.

    Kylo Ren: Then learn.

    Agent Zeal: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the second-ever Duel. Right here at the Collisium!

    Cue the Applause Track.

    ???: Your applause track has been replaced by this messsage: Surrender or die!

    Agent Zeal: Cybermen! Well, I am holding the all-important position of announcer, referee, and predictor. In th…

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  • Surtatb2007

    This will be written in a different format and will be a sneak peak to my new series coming in 2016.

    "The Jester," said the Book of Monsters.

    "All set," said the Book of Revnge.

    "Fire!" the Book of Deception cried.

    "Chill out," the Nexo Knight Lance said.

    "Freeze!" Merlok the wizard growled.

    "Yes," Monsters crooned. "Freeze."

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  • Surtatb2007

    Thank You

    January 1, 2016 by Surtatb2007

    Thank you for welcoming me into the wiki and teaching me how to do stuff. Thank you for being so kind and a Happy New Year!

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  • Surtatb2007

    New Year Special

    January 1, 2016 by Surtatb2007

    This is my 2015 New Year's Special!

    Amset Ra: Corana!

    Rose fell to the ground.

    Aquaman: Let's get out of here.

    Commander Flash: Not so fast.

    Aquaman: Water!

    Aquaman and Amset Ra swim away.

    In New York City...

    Amset Ra: The Crystal Ball is Missing!

    Aquaman: Don't worry. Crime is my department.

    Amset Ra: But what about the TARDIS?

    Aquaman: Don't worry, I can handle them. Count me in.

    On the TARDIS's secret base on Mars...

    Aquaman: Let's go inside.

    DJ: Walk another step and I will blast you with my poison gun.

    Amset Ra: Corana!

    DJ: You still will not succeed.

    The two go inside.

    Brawn: Surrender!

    Amset Ra: Never!

    Brawn: Really, you two are very pathetic.

    Aquaman: Water!

    Brawn is washed away.

    Amset Ra: Let's take the Crystal Ball.

    Hoodwink: Stop.

    Streak: The TARDIS wil…

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