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There has been much talk around here about theme songs for different characters. Actually it was Commandosaur's idea. But at long last, the first theme song is finally and officially here! And what better character to give the first theme song to than the most awesome, beneficial, creative, docile, enthusiastic, friendly, etc. Tee-Vee!

This song was created using OpenMPT, and used only seven instruments and eight channels. They are as follows:

  1. Bass Drum
  2. Snare Drum
  3. Ride
  4. An unused Bass Drum
  5. Piano
  6. Synth Organ
  7. Background Effect

The synth organ is the main instrument. I'm surprised how well the piano went with it even after the organ plays beautiful harmonies halfway through the song!

I highly recommend OpenMPT for making music, and I will certainly be making more theme songs in the future.

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