Curtis: Welcome, everyone. As you can see, I'm putting my secret intel on public television. We'll get right to the intel after the break.

Commercial: Do you have a broken vehicle. Perhaps you have a flat tire or your speeder bike needs an oil change? Then Squidman's Pitstop is the place for you! Here, we will confiscate your vehicle and kidnap you fix up your vehicle for the very low price of all your money, 30 Re-Gou Rubies, 50 Tygurahs, a 300-page book of all the names of Sam Sinister, and Golf Tooth's teeth $19.99! Guaranteed or your money back! Call 1-800-SQUIDMAN today!

Curtis: Welcome back. In today's intel, we will doscover how these villains are coming to be. Let's watch this eyewitness video from Surtatb2007.

Surtatb2007: All right, here comrs a firefighter... He has no idea that a portal is materalizing nearby... Whoa! Did you see that? He just got sucked imto the portal! Good thing you can't hear his screaming... And now, look! A hideous villain has emerged! Surtatb2007 uses Laser! It's not very effective, and neither are these homages. Ahhh! He's coming my way! End transmission!

Curtis: Wow. Now we know that this civilians are turned into villains by these portals.


Infearno: Did someone refer to me?

Curtis: Ahhh! He's coming my way! End transmission!

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