Several months back...

Morgan Lux is working on an experiment.

Morgan: One cup of sugar, two tablespoons of flour... Soon, this recipe will remove all crime from the world!

A Tygurah leaps off his shelf and unto his experiment, ruining everything. There is an explosion, and two evil eyes appear.


Tygurah: Purrrrr...

In the present, at the Ultra Agent's new base...

Curtis Bolt is guiding Trey Swift and Steve Zeal around the new base.

Trey: Wow! Lookatallthevehicles! CanIrideone? Huhhuhhuh?

Steve: Awwwwwwwesoooooooommme.

Hidden Spyder: Kek kek

Curtis: I heard that!

He shoots the Spyder.

Curtis: Sorry, we're fighting an infestation.

Trey: Iloveyournewoutfit,Curtis! Amazingoffice!

Steve: Yeeeeeeaaaah.

Curtis: Office? Better check your eyesight. This is a garage, see? Though I could put an office down here.

They enter the control room, where Solomon, Caila, and P.U.P. are.

Caila: Get off the table, P.U.P.

Jack: (from inside a closet) Uh, boss?

Max: (also in the closet) Can we come out now?

Solomon: NO. NOT. UNTIL. PART. 11.

The fourth wall breaks and lands on the table. P.U.P. jumps out of the way just in time.

Solomon: What have I done...

Curtis: Hmm, Caila, I like your hair. Can I eat it?

Caila: For the 345th time, it's not cotton candy!

Curtis, Trey, and P.U.P. pass the prison pods.

Adam Acid: Did Toxikita send me any love letters?

Retox: Toxie! Help!

Curtis gags Retox.

Tremor: Tremor wants his-

Curtis: Rubber ducky?



Curtis hands Tremor his BrickPhone. He answers it.

Tremor: Infearno called. Infearno escaped from Space Police. Infearno taking vacation in Alaska.


Infearno: Aahh, it's good to chill every once in a while.

Beep beep beep beep!

Waiter: The smoke alarm!

He pours a bucket or water on Infearno.

Back at the base...

Terabyte: You'll pay for what yoy've done! Technically, my boss is not the forgiving type... And payback bytes!

Trey: Inthatcase,P.U.P.hereisgoingto"byte"youifyoudon'tstoprevealingsecretinformation!

P.U.P.: Grrr...

Curtis: Say, Terry, when's this new boss thingy coming?

Terabyte: Sooner than you think! And no, Terry, he was not talking to you.

Terry: Awww...

Curtis: How soon?

Terabyte: Approximately four parts, or three hours, thirty-one minutes and fifty-two seconds.

Curtis: How do you know all this?

Terabyte: Calculationary, my dear Bolt.

Trey: Hey,Calculationarysoundslikeagreatnameforanewgame!

Curtis: Oh, no...

In the control room...

Computer: Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intruder alert.

Caila: (over radio) What's going on down there?

Computer: Warning. Intruder alert.

Trey: ThereareSpyderseverywhere! Lockdowntheentirefloor!

Curtis: This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't left the door open, Trey.

Computer: Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intruder alert.

Solomon: BE QUIET!

Computer: Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intruder alert.

Solomon: Steve, put it in the basement.

Steve: Yeeeeeeees, booooooossss.

Computer: Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intruder alert. Warning. Intru-



Trey: P.U.P.willholdthemoffwhilewegetsomefirepower!

Curtis: What, and leave him alone with these monsters? I don't think so. Come along, P.U.P.

P.U.P.: Bark!

They head over to the armory. Curtis grabs his stud shooter, and tosses one to Trey.

Trey: Let'susetheUltraArmor!

Curtis: You haven't passed the training yet, Trey. And besides, why use our best armor and bring heavy weapons if we're going to fight a couple of teeny-weeny bugs?

Trey: Youhaveapoint.

They head back to their original location, only to find more Spyders.

Trey: Let'scallanexterminator!

Curtis: I agree. And while we wait for him, let's shoot these bugs ourselves.

They begin firing at the bugs. Soon, they are all destroyed.

Spyder: Kek kek kek

Curtis: Sorry, I don't think you're insured.

Trey: Let'sfindsomemorebugs!

Curtis: Yeah!

In the control room...

Solomon: Bugs? Caila, warm up the Swarm Interceptor. I'm calling Max so he can bring his Galactic Titan.

Caila: Uh, Boss...

Solomon: It's been forever since I last saw my robot sidekick!

Caila: Boss...

Solomon: What kind of bugs are these? I need to be prepared!

Caila: Boss! None of this will be necessary.

Solomon: Sorry. I guess I kinda got carried away.

The Ultra Agents' progress on the Spyders has not gone unnoticed.

AntiMatter: Sigh... They took longer than expected to beat the first wave... I predicted they would take twelve seconds, but they took forty-one instead. If they hadn't squabbled about the Ultra Armor, they might have had a chance. They are not a worthy opponent for me.

Ring ring ring!

Spyclops: Hello, Invizex the Exterminator here... You've got what? A robot spider problem?... I'm coming... Bye. (hangs up) That was the Ultra Agents. They've got a robot spider problem.

AntiMatter: This is absolutely perfect. You even used the name Invizex. Invizable, make sure you get plenty of pictures.

Invizable: Yes, Boss. (Finally, he used my real name!)

AntiMatter: Spyclops, use the exterminator car as cover. Also use this disguise. Are you ready for this, Spyclops?

Spyclops: Just say when, Boss!

AntiMatter: When, Boss!

Spyclops: No, no, no!

AntiMatter: No, no, no!

Spyclops: Very well, I'll just leave.

AntiMatter: Very well, I'll just leave.

Spyclops leaves.

AntiMatter: Attack!

Invizable: You're a little late.

AntiMatter: D'oh!

To be continued...

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