A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Frenzy is out in the streets, doing what he does best when he's bored: taking off his upper arms and throwing them like boomerangs. (They really do come back, too!)

Frenzy: I'm BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know.

Suddenly, a portal to the Cursed Realm opens.

Frenzy: HAPPIES!!!!!!!!!! Another GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure enough, a ghost and his Rock Monster emerge from the portal, which closes behind him.

Ghost: I am Morro, the Ghost of-

Frenzy: Christmas Yet to Come, I know.

Morro: I was going to say "the Ghost of the demise of the Ninja," but I guess this will do. Oh, and this is my Rock Monster, Eruptorr. Without further ado, let us commence with the tour. MORROOOOOOOOOOO…

Eruptorr: We's gots businesses ta takes cares of!

Eruptorr Morro throws Frenzy all the way to the Buoy-Cratchit house, grabs a skateboard from a passing Grandma, and skates over to Frenzy.

Eruptorr: Looks inside!

Frenzy does. He sees the family, all with white hair and beards, and staring mindlessly at a rerun of The Trendy Griffin Show.

Frenzy: Why do I need to see THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eruptorr: Because. …OOOOOOOOOOORROM

Morro boots Frenzy all the way to a nearby graveyard, then follows with Eruptorr.

Frenzy: Why am I HERE?????????

Morro points at a nearby grave. Frenzy thinks it's a prank, and pulls Morro's hand off. To Frenzy's surprise, a new hand grows back. Frenzy looks at the grave. Engraved on it is Frenzy McScrooge. Frenzy shrugs, and turns back to Morro.

Morro: Since you're so annoying, Frenzy, I'm goimg to ask Eruptorr to attack you.

Eruptorr: Erup-erup-torr!

Frenzy: EEEEEEEKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frenzy wakes up.

Frenzy: Whew, it was just a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!

Morro: Wake up.

Frenzy wakes up to see Eruptorr still attacking him.

Morro: Stop. Frenzy, I'm sending you back home. Thank you for you cooperation.


Frenzy is back home. He creeps down to the living room. There are presents under his tree, but what really gets his attention is Wrayth Marley sitting in his chair.

Wrayth: How did it go?

Frenzy: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrayth: Great. Here, let me turn on the TV- oops.

The Crystal King falls on Frenzy and the camera, ending the transmission.

To be continued…

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