A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Frenzy wanders over to a bakery. No one knew him. No one knew where he had-

Frenzy: Okay, that's enough with the BOXCAR CHILDREN INTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A ghostly figure walks out of the bakery.

???: I am Sir Fangar, the gloooooorious Ghost of Christmas Present.

Frenzy: Woohoo!!!! I love presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Fangar: No, McScrooge. Present means now. Speaking of now, come on out, Tremorox!

He does.


Sir Fangar: I see you are already in the glooooorious present. Anyway, go to this address.

He hands a piece of paper to Frenzy, who walks to that address, with Sir Fangar and Tremorox following him.

Sir Fangar: This is Bobby "Crachit" Buoy's house. You will remember his wife, Professor Sam Rhodes, and their gloooooorious son, Tiny Skreemer.

Frenzy: I thought Professor Rhodes was goimg to marry ACE SPEEDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Fangar: Yes, until she broke up with him at the last second.

Frenzy enters the house.



Sir Fangar: It looks like there a few inglooooooorious bugs in my glooooorious program.


Frenzy enters the house… again. Inside is Bobby, playing LEGO City Undercover, while Sam Rhodes is playing tennis through her kitchen window with her neighbor, Mrs. Scratchenpost, with the fence as the net, while Tiny Skreemer is sitting in his high chair, playing dumb.

Frenzy: Playing DUMB????????!!!!!!!

Yup. Playing dumb.

Bobby: Hey honey, I just collected a million studs!

Sam Rhodes: That's nothing. I just aced Mrs. Scratchenpost for the fortieth time!

Tiny Skreemer: Tee-Vee bless us, every one!

Bobby: That's nice.

Sam Rhodes: Who's Tee-Vee?

Tiny Skreemer: A nice robot with a priest.

Sam Rhodes: Why did you say that?

Tiny Skreemer: Because I aced a million studs for the fortieth time!

Sam Rhodes: What?

Tiny Skreemer: And collected Mrs. Scratchenpost.

Bobby: What?

Frenzy leaves the house.

Sir Fangar: So what did you think?

Frenzy: That was one strange FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Fangar: Even you agree it's strange. That's new. Get him, Tremorox.

Tremorox charges, but slips on the ice and crashes through the Crachits' front door. Soon, Sam Rhodes and Mrs. Scratchenpost are using Tremorox as the tennis ball.

Sir Fangar: Well, I have to leave now.

Sir Fangar and Tremorox vanish.

Sam Rhodes: Oh come on!

Mrs. Scratchenpost: Who scored?

Frenzy: TRIPLE HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued...

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