• NexoByte

    New Battle Template

    February 25, 2017 by NexoByte

    I've designed this awesome template from scratch. It combines our snarky battle introductory notes, the announcer, referee, and predictor lists, and the fighters and their stats.

    What do you think? Should it be implemented to the battle system?

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  • NexoByte

    Hark, my readers,
    And I shall tell
    of the night before Christmas
    Without any fail.

    `Tis a story 'bout Amset,
    Hotep, and fate
    And who better than Grundal

    This story relate!

    Our story takes place
    The Fighting Pyramid within
    So without further ado
    Let us begin.

    `Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the pyramid
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even a Fearamid.

    Amset-Ra: Good! Now that Grundal froze everyone in time everyone's asleep, I can put out on Santa's milk and cookies! Not that he'll be eating them anyway. Better avoid the carrots - I'm not a vegetarian.

    I said, Not a creature was stirring.

    Amset-Ra: Eek!

    Amset-Ra attempts to stand perfectly still.

    Now, you probably wonder how I am speaking without using Christmas carols. Well, I must speak in italic…

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  • NexoByte

    New theme song!

    December 5, 2016 by NexoByte

    I made a new theme song a couple of days ago. I originally intended it for Toxikita, but it also sounds great for Alien Queen... and a handful of other fighters.

    Which fighter should this new theme song be for? Let me know in the comments.

    EDIT: This song is made to loop.

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  • NexoByte

    There has been much talk around here about theme songs for different characters. Actually it was Commandosaur's idea. But at long last, the first theme song is finally and officially here! And what better character to give the first theme song to than the most awesome, beneficial, creative, docile, enthusiastic, friendly, etc. Tee-Vee!

    This song was created using OpenMPT, and used only seven instruments and eight channels. They are as follows:

    1. Bass Drum
    2. Snare Drum
    3. Ride
    4. An unused Bass Drum
    5. Piano
    6. Synth Organ
    7. Background Effect

    The synth organ is the main instrument. I'm surprised how well the piano went with it even after the organ plays beautiful harmonies halfway through the song!

    I highly recommend OpenMPT for making music, and I will certainly be ma…

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  • NexoByte

    A huge group of Spyders are streaming through small cracks in the Ultra Agents' secret entrance. A frantic Solomon is wearing a copy of Doc Ock's claw arms. In two claw arms are cans of bug spray, in the other two are flyswatters, and in his hand is a cell phone.

    Solomon: Max Solarflare! We need SLAP SLAP SLAP you at the Ultra Agent's TSSSSSSSSSST base right away! We're under attack by Kek kek kek Spyders! Caila, get the Swarm Interceptor! Call up my robot!

    Caila: You know we can never fit the Swarm Interceptor through the halls.

    Curtis: Eeek! Get these Spyders out of here so I can get down from this chandelier!

    Caila: Curtis, we don't have a chandelier.


    Curtis: Ah!


    Pew pew pew!

    Curtis: Is it really humane to shoot Spyders!

    Caila: Oh yeah. Here…

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