I would like to make a suggestion, which has come to me recently. Probably because I was bored.

My suggestion is as follows.

Let's say that I am to write a battle. John vs. Jane. I say that I will get around to the battle very shortly, but then something comes up in my life and I am unable to write it, at least for a long time. Now, in that case, what I would do be to inform the wiki that someone else should take over the battle, much as BubbleBomber did with Psyclone vs. Clouse vs. Tremorox vs. Rench. This would allow the battle to be finished in a reasonable amount of time and for life on the wiki to go on as usual, preventing any extended delays in which people leave and the wiki dies. But let's say that I'm unable to even inform the wiki I'm unable to write the battle. Another scenario might be that I leave for a trip and forget to inform the wiki of my departure, thereby causing people to wait as I don't even know I'm supposed to write the battle. In a situation like the aforementioned, I believe it would be a good idea to have a Standardized Battle Default Time. What this would mean is that after a set number of days of inactivity by the assigned writer, anyone can write the battle. I assume this would happen anyways, but it's best to have a standardized time frame, so that writers know when they need to be active by, in case they were planning to write it slightly after the deadline, or it's just taking them a long time.

I propose that the time be seven days, starting at the moment their are two competitors set to appear (The previous victor and at least one voted-in character).

Just an idea, and it hopefully won't be necessary, but it's still something I think we should consider. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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