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  • ArcticSeahorse

    Example Battle

    March 14, 2016 by ArcticSeahorse

    The Announcer: Terabyte

    The Referee: Wyldstyle

    The Predictor: Axel

    Amset Ra is sitting at his desk, looking over recent documents about the

    upcoming battle...

    Amset Ra: Mosquitoid, okay... General Crokenburg... This will be an interesting battle... And... Oh... Oh no... Oh no, no, no...

    Amset Ra's eyes widen as he reads the final fighter...

    Amset Ra: G- G- Grundalychus...

    Frenzy races down the hallway in front of the door, cackling maniacally with Wyldstyle's hair clutched in his hand. Wyldstyle runs after him.

    Wyldstyle: Give that back! Seriously, what is it with you and my hair!? Why can't you go steal someone else's?!

    Frenzy: NO!!!! Not YOURS!!!! This is my HAIR!!!! Stealers KEEPERS!!!!

    Amset Ra looks up, shaking his head, before looking back down at his p…

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