Check out all the updates that have happened since we started on December 30, 2014.



April 16

  • New song: Battle Theme 1

April 15

  • No battle this week because I forgot to finish on time!

April 12

April 9

  • Started the Update Log. It'll take me quite a while before all the events before today are in.

April 8



June 28 The standings for the poll that was started on June 27 were 2-0, and so I removed the poll.

June 27

  • New poll: Should there be an Ultra Agents App parody on my user blog?

June 26

June 19

  • The main page has been recategorized as Documentation.

June 13

June 8

  • I updated BubbleBomber's Did You Know.
  • I added a disclaimer to the main page.

June 4

June 3

May 30

  • A notice has been posted on the main page that the battle schedule has changed from Wednesdays and Saturdays to occasionally. Battles, however, have been off schedule since Amset-Ra vs. Pharaoh Hotep.

May 28

  • New poll: What do you want the topic of a Pyramid Story to be?

May 23

  • Commandosaur created a gallery for the main page.

May 12

  • The "Who is your favorite fighter so far?" poll has been removed.

May 9

May 5

May 4

May 3

May 2

  • New battle: Buggoid vs. Ogel. This is the first battle that Commandosaur wrote himself.
  • Café Clips has launched.
  • I updated BubbleBomber's Did You Know?.

April 21

April 18

April 6

  • I updated BubbleBomber's Did You Know?.

April 5

  • Punctuation Penguin returned from Lent.

April 2

  • I added a message at the end of the Meet Our Staff section.

April 1

March 16

March 7

March 4

February 28

February 25

  • New battle: Alien vs. Lord Garmadon
  • I removed the poll for the above battle.
  • The poll for the fighter pages stood at 2-0, and so I removed the poll.
  • I created a poll for AntiMatter vs. Alien, but accidentally listed Lord Garmadon instead of Alien.

February 21

February 19

February 18

February 17

  • I created a poll to determine if each of the fighter should have their own page.
  • I created a poll for the upcoming battle Jek-14 vs. Battle Mech.

February 14

February 12

  • I removed my note to the previous owners of this wiki.

February 11

February 7

February 5

  • I misunderstood Commandosaur's vote for Samurai Warrior as a vote for the newer female Samurai, so I corrected this.

February 4

February 2

January 31

January 29

  • I deleted the pages that were on the wiki before I got here.
  • I updated the main page with the above information, as well as changed "singles elimination tournament" to "special tournament" in the introduction.

January 28

January 26

January 24

January 21

January 19

January 18

  • I announced that battles would be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

January 17

January 16

January 14

January 12

January 11

January 3

December 30

December 29

  • Since there was no activity at this time, I decided to create an Alternative Season page, which would have had all fighters chosen by me.

December 27

December 26

  • I started the process of changing this wiki, which had been abandoned for 4½ years. I also left a note for the previous owners of the wiki.