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It will take more than that to put an end to the living happy dream that is Unikitty!

–Unikitty, Jek-14 vs. Alien vs. Unikitty

Unikitty is the most powerful mutant science experiment failed creation that was a one horned creature that has ever been created!

Except for maybe that Unidracow...

In Season 1, Unikitty lost her Round 1 match against Jek-14 and Alien. So... Yeah.

But! In Season 3 her luck changed! Proving she wasn't all sunshine and lollipops, she managed to take out Nadakhan! Sir Fangar! Pythor! Naare! And Triceratops! But she lost to Flintlocke who happened to be avenging Nadakhan. In Round 2, she couldn't overcome K-2SO with cuteness... But she'll be back!

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Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 3: Punctuation Penguin