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This is... SURPRISE! It's a battle! You never would have guessed!

The Announcer: Dr. Inferno

The Referee: Ogel

The Predictors: Benny and AntiMatter

The Fighters:

Before the Battle Edit

Unidracow: Moo.

Laugh Track

Unidracow: Neigh.

Cuteness Track

Unidracow: ROAR!!!!!!!

Screams of Terror Track

Also Before the Battle Edit

Pharaoh Hotep: Well son, it has been a while since I saw you last.

Amset-Ra: It’s been two hours.

Pharaoh Hotep: Time does crawl like a tortoise when one is not having fun. Anyway, how have you been? Look how tall you've grown!

Amset-Ra: Dad, Minifigures don’t grow unless they’re Lloyd.

Pharaoh Hotep: He used a time machine, so it doesn't count.

Amset-Ra: But his past and future selves were different, thereby showing that minifigures must age. And look at the other Ninja!

Pharaoh Hotep: But that's confined to Ninjago.

Amset-Ra: What about Solomon Blaze?

Pharaoh Hotep: He hasn't grown at all in the years I've known him. Why are you so worried about growing?

Amset-Ra: Because- Hold on, how did I get on this side of the argument?

Pharaoh Hotep: Teleportation?

Amset-Ra: Rats.

Apparently this part is Before the Battle as well. Edit

A large box sits open in Amset-Ra's office.

Amset-Ra: Wonderful! A time machine! Now I can prove that minifigures DO grow!

Amset-Ra picks up the construction instructions.

Amset-Ra: On second thought, I'll let the staff build this.

Two hours later...

Terabyte: I think we built it correctly, but I can't figure out where this piece goes.

Amset-Ra: Ah, it probably isn't important. Everyone jump in!

Amset-Ra jumps into the time machine, but no one follows him.

Wyldstyle: Calibrating time machine for the year 2010...


Terabyte: Have fun!

December 26th, 2014

Amset-Ra: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid! Thank you to the previous owners for letting me "borrow" your wiki!

Amset-Ra: Where am I?

Amset-Ra: Impostor! My idea may be wonderful, but that gives you no right to steal it! And get out of my clothes!

Amset-Ra: I should be saying the same thing to you!

Dr. Inferno: Lord Ra?

Amset-Ra: Yes?

Amset-Ra: Yes?

Amset-Ra: He was talking to me, fool!

Amset-Ra: No, he was talking to me, past-self!

Dr. Inferno: Um... Lord Ra, a mysterious device has appeared on the side of the pyramid...

Amset-Ra: Destroy it! Use the new deuterium laser!

Ogel: But I'm a world conqueror, not a butler!

Amset-Ra: How is this a butlerial task? Use one of your lasers, fool!


Amset-Ra: No! I needed that!

Ogel: I thought you told me to destroy that...

Amset-Ra: I did!

Amset-Ra: I didn't! That was my time machine! Now I'm stuck here forever!

Bring bring bring!

Ogel: Ah! He's carrying a bomb!

Amset-Ra: No, this is my new LEGO Phone 2.5

Ogel: Ooh, fancy new technology...

Dr. Inferno: Why was it making strange noises?

Amset-Ra: Well, it says here we're supposed to have Unidracow vs. Ronin vs. Mottrot vs. Electrolyzer right now!

Amset-Ra: Who vs. that guy we've been hearing rumours about vs. Mottrot vs. who?

Amset-Ra: GASP! If I can't get back to the future, then the entire world will stop rotating! We won't be able to have this battle!

Amset-Ra: Too bad, so sad. Now throw him in the dungeon!

Amset-Ra: You mean Ogel's home?

Ogel: What?

Dr. Inferno: Why don't we just have the battle here? We can always postpone Benny vs. AntiMatter.

Dr. Cyber: No! That will destroy the spacetime continuum!

Amset-Ra: Continuum conschlinuum.

Amset-Ra: That's a tongue twister.

Amset-Ra: Well, I guess we might be able to postpone the battle for a few hours.

Dr. Cyber: Is no one hearing me? The world will be destroyed!

Ogel: Destruction obluxion.

Amset-Ra: Stop talking, Ogel. You're the Nobody.

Ogel: I'm the referee...

Amset-Ra: Well you won't be for long. Now, somebody call Unidracow, Ronin, Mottrot and Electrolyzer.

Dr. Inferno: Uni-who?

Amset-Ra: Oh right... They don't exist yet...

Ogel: We could break the space time continuum again and bring them into existence!

Dr. Cyber: No, that's quite enough dimension destruction for today!

Anubis guards carry Dr. Cyber to the cellars.

The Battle Edit

Dr. Inferno: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid! Please welcome Amset-Ra himself!

Amset-Ra: That's me!

Amset-Ra: No it's not! It's me!

Dr. Inferno: Today is the first ever battle in Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid!

Amset-Ra: I like how short the name is!

Amset-Ra: Really? I was thinking of adding on some more words, like "Awesome" or "Really Super Cool".

Amset-Ra: Don't worry, Dad will do that for you.

Dr. Inferno: We have twisted reality to prematurely create the Unidracow and Electrolyzer, while kidnapping Ronin from top security at LEGO Headquarters and interrupting Mottrot's publicity tour.

Audience: Yay!

Dr. Inferno: Your referee is the wonderful Ogel, and I am your awesome announcer!

Amset-Ra: Why are you all being so positive?

Dr. Inferno: Our predictor hasn't arrived yet, so...

Amset-Ra: Make Benny and AntiMatter the predictors, to make up for the loss of their battle.

Amset-Ra: WHAT?!?!?! That's absurd! They aren't qualified at all!

Amset-Ra: You'd probably have a heart attack if you saw all the unqualified staff members we have in the future!

Amset-Ra: But you're me and you're alive...

Amset-Ra: Forget I said anything.

Benny: I think that Electrolyzer will win! He's blue like my spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!


Dr. Inferno: Well, let's find out! In the 1st corner is the Unidracow, a unicorn-dragon-cow hybrid!

Unidracow: Moo.

Dr. Inferno: Next is Ronin, who looks really really cool! I can't wait for his video game to come out!

Ronin: ...

Ogel: His voice synthesizer hasn't been implanted yet.

Dr. Inferno: Oh. In the next corner is Mottrot, the most intelligent mammoth one will ever encounter!

Ogel: That's cool!

Amset-Ra: Mungus is cooler.

Amset-Ra: He also appears in more battles.

Amset-Ra: Spoilers for my own pyramid! Illegal!

Dr. Inferno: Now we have Electrolyzer!

Electrolyzer: You zhould paint theze cornerz... A little blue wouldn't be too bad...

Ogel: What should we use to start the battle?

Amset-Ra: How about a gong?

Amset-Ra: Oh, you're going to regret that.


Amset-Ra: I regret that already.

Ogel: Fight!

Amset-Ra: You're supposed to say that before you hit the wretched gong.

Unidracow: Moo!

Electrolyzer: Ah! My earz!

Mottrot: Your ears? What about my ears!

Ronin: ...

Unidracow: Neigh!

Electrolyzer: I think I'm going to be eliminated by hiz noizez alone!

Mottrot: Well, I'm not going to be that weak.

Ronin: ...

Unidracow: ROAR!

Electrolyzer: That iz not enough to zcare me!

Mottrot: Gah! It's a dragon!

Ronin: ...

Dr. Inferno: Ronin has just run away from the battle...

Amset-Ra: That means he's eliminated.

Ogel: Oh, right, that's my role!

Amset-Ra: I see why you throw him in the cellars.

Amset-Ra: You're a little late on the uptake.

Electrolyzer: Lightning blazt!

Dr. Inferno: Woh! Watch it! Electrolyzer's lighting blast nearly hit me!

Amset-Ra: As long as the pyramid never gets destroyed. This is thousands of seconds old!


Amset-Ra: Why's everyone so silent?

Amset-Ra: Um... You'll see.

Mottrot: Mother! Send me my Mammoth Stomper!

Maula: It isn't finished yet!

Mungus: Mungus is Mammoth Stomper!


Dr. Inferno: Mungus decided to stomp on Mottrot, eliminating him.

Ogel: Rats, I forgot what to say...

Unidracow: ROAR!

Electrolyzer: Zap zoop! Nyahahahaha!


Amset-Ra: Oh god... I forgot how stupid he is...

Amset-Ra: Is he crazy?!?!?!?!

Frenzy: I'm a MANIAC!!!!!!! Like CRANIAC!

Craniac: I'm no maniac, Craniac!


Craniac: I mean Frenzy! I said Frenzy!

Ronin: ...!

Dr. Inferno: Oh! Ronin's back!

Unidracow: Moo.

Ronin: ...

Dr. Inferno: And he ran away again.

Unidracow: Neigh!

Electrolyzer: Good golly! Ah!

Dr. Inferno: The Unidracow is charging at Electrolyzer, and gaining on him!

Electrolyzer: ZAP!!!!!!!!

Unidracow: MOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: Unfortunately, the Unidracow has been eliminated, giving Electrolyzer the victory.

Amset-Ra: Unfortunately? You can't be biased! Some users will be showing up soon!


Ogel: What was that?!

Amset-Ra: Don't worry, it's just the 4th wall. It happens all the time. Now get back to work.

After the Battle Edit

Back in the present day...

Terabyte: This part was important, wasn't it?

Wyldstyle: Yep.

Pharaoh Hotep: Oh well. I'll just take over the Fighting Pyramid again.

Wyldstyle: Don't you remember how that worked out last time?

Pharaoh Hotep: Well it was great when it did work.

End transmission

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