Prepare to ingest the poison of your loss!

–Toxikita, Toxikita vs. Nya

Where would the Super Villains be without Toxikita? Probably lock up in an Ultra Agents prison cell somewhere, but who cares.

Anyway, this sneaky villainess managed to steal a Pollutonium crystal from the Astor City Science Lab - an amazing trick, if you were born in the circus like some claim she was.

So, she escaped, and she must have implemented the crystal into her mech, because it was able to fire a stream of acid. But enough talk about her tech. She was invading Doctor (Professor?) Brainstein's lab to obtain the Portal Diamond, cuz, you know, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Buuuuuut she was caught by the Ultra Agents and was never seen since. There must be something the Ultra Agents aren't telling us...

She was on fire in the pyramid, defeating Lord Vampyre, Clutch Powers, Nya, Hikaru, and Alien, thus earning her a one-way ticket to Round 3. There, she went up against her boss, AntiMatter, as well as Alien Commander and The Great Devourer. She managed to beat all three of them and advance to the finals.

In the finals, she went up against Tee-Vee, where she gracefully lost.

She must still be feeling down about her loss, for she couldn't defeat Clutch Powers in a rematch.

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Season 2: NexoByte

Season 3: Commandosaur