ACU Trooper 1: We need to bring back William Shakespeare.

ACU Trooper 2: Agreed.


Time Machine: Destination= September 15, 2015

ACU Trooper 1: Ugh.

ACU Trooper 2: Back to the future.

Marty McFly: Hello.

ACU Trooper 1: Why are you here? I thought we went to September 15, 2015.

Marty McFly: That's today, silly!

ACU Trooper 2: Oh. Where are we?

Dr. Inferno: A trap!

ACU Trooper 1: Who are you working for, Fernie?

Dr. Inferno: Kylo Ren. He wants to destroy the Fighting Pyramid, and I will insure that by maling Amset Ra never exist. And you two are the only ones who can stop me!

To be continued...

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