Present Day...

ACU Trooper 1: We better get the Dilophosaurus out of here.

ACU Trooper 2: Back through the time machine.

ACU Trooper 1: Along with William Shakespeare.

ACU Trooper 2: I think he wants to stay.

William Shakespeare is talking to Luke Skywalker.

William Shakespeare: Did I tell you about the time when the performance of Romeo and Juliet went wrong?

Back at the Troopers...

ACU Trooper 1: I guess Shakespeare can stay.

ACU Trooper 2: We better get the Dilophosaurus back, though. Like right now.

Dilophosaurus: ROARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

ACU Trooper 1: Let's get this Dilophosaurus back to her time.

ACU Trooper 2: Agreed.

The two somehow manage to get the Dilophosaurus back to the Time Machine.

Time Machine: Time warp established... To 1776.

ACU Trooper 1: What!?

ACU Trooper 2: I guess we will have to deal with it.

July 4th, 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

ACU Trooper 1: Isn't this when and where the Declaration of Independence was made?

ACU Trooper 2: Unfortunately, yes.

ACU Trooper 1: Why unfortunately?

ACU Trooper 2: Because the Dilophosaurus is heading for the building where the Founding Fathers are signing the Declaration of Independence!

ACU Trooper 1: Oh. We must stop the Dilophosaurus from destroying the Declaration!

ACU Trooper 2: Or from scaring the Founding Fathers out of signing the Declaration!

ACU Trooper 1: Either way, the Dilophosaurus will somehow change history!

ACU Trooper 2: Let's go stop the Dilophosaurus!

ACU Trooper 1: Agreed.

In the streets of Philedelphiea...

Dilophosaurus: ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!

ACU Trooper 2: *Groan*. It's no use. We must warn them!

ACU Trooper 1: And what will we tell them?

ACU Trooper 2: That the British are coming so they must move and that the Dilophosaurus' roar was the Brits new weapon.

ACU Trooper 1: I don't think that will work. But luckily for us, I perfected a Time Detonator at the Fighting Pyramid.

ACU Trooper 2: Let's hope it works.

ACU Trooper 1: Oh, it will.

ACU Trooper 1 throws the Time Detonator at the Dilophosaurus.

Time Detonator: KA-BOOM!!!!!

ACU Trooper 2: It worked. It actually worked! And now we're bringing the Dilophosaurus home!

ACU Trooper 1: About that...

Time Detonator: Time Warp established... To 1789.

ACU Trooper 2: Aw man.

To be continued...

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