–???, Flintlocke vs. Zander Freemaker vs. Frakjaw vs. The Midgard Serpent

THE MIDGARD SERPENT is not a creature common to this world, nor should it be. It is a being of power well beyond any power present in our universe, and a being incapable of surviving in a world of uselessness, for any world which it inhabits automatically becomes useful due to its presence in that world, however fleeting that presence is. While The Midgard Serpent may not speak by itself, its guttural utterances are enough to strike fear, inspiration, pride, or admiration into any mortal beings which hear it roar.

The Midgard Serpent has a record of 0-1, incurred from a loss to the mighty skeletal victim of decapitation and stupidity, Frakjaw the Fire Skulkin. This loss is nothing of which it is ashamed - a loss to as puny yet powerful a mortal as Frakjaw is but a flick upon The Midgard Serpent's impenetrable hide of sharpened scales.

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Season 3: Punctuation Penguin

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