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Cut to the Chase Edit

Sword: I completely agree with the heading of this section. The ARFP reserves the right to protect the identity of our staff members, as we will now not be including the names of the Announcer, Referee, and Predictor.

Commandosaur: Have you read my comment?

Sword: Oh, fine.

Section Sword Didn't Want to Include Edit

This is (oh, surprise!) a battle.

The Announcer: The Doctor

The Referee: The Doctor

The Predictor: Pharaoh Hotep

The Doctor: Man! I was going for three roles at once!

The Fighters:

Before the Battle Edit

The Doctor: I quite disagree. The background check I ran on Jay on the LEGO Dimensions server announced him more powerful than me. More powerful? I can beat him with my pinky finger!

Pharaoh Hotep: I'd like to see you try.

The Doctor: I will try, alright!


The Doctor: Is this guy AntiMatter's brother or something?


Fluminox: And I am a Phoenix.


Jay: I hope you didn't call me in just to jump start a car.


The Battle Edit


Jay - He may be a returning fighter, but he's going up against an old enemy...

The Great Devourer

The Great Devourer - Step right up, he'll eat you one by one!


Phoenix - It ain't flying if you ain't a Phoenix and it ain't flying if you ain't in a battle, ain't it?

The Doctor: I can't tell one corner from the other in this dump. All you need to know is that Jay, Fluminox, Tremorox, and the Great Devourer are fighting.

Pharaoh Hotep: And all you need to know is that the Great Devourer will win.

The Doctor: So now it is time to fight!

Fluminox: Mr. Python, please run a marathon.


Tremorox - I held out as long as I could, but I've got to say this: We had 4 distinctly coloured fighters, and none of them got a matching corner.

The Great Devourer (aka Mr. Python) starts chasing his tail for about 360 minutes.

Fluminox: Yes, you are being chased. Run, Mr. Python, run!

Following Mr. Python's lead, Tremorox flees in terror.

Fluminox: I think it is time for the grand surprise.

Sergeant Wires: It is time for you to go back, to the game I made,

to wreck havoc amongst, the brave and the bold.

A portal appears under Jay and sucks him into It.

Fluminox: I apreciate your help, Sergeant, but I think it is the time for the wire to be cut.

The Doctor Who theam music starts playing and Sergeant Wires fades away.

Pharaoh Hotep: The TARDIS!

The Doctor: Fluminox wins!

After the Battle Edit

Commander Flash: So, you ran into a little trouble with Lord Blaze, now did you?

Sergeant Wires: The nerve of some people! She tried to cut me up!

Lord Blaze: Oh hello, Commander, oh hello, Sergeant. Your new job paying better than you old one?

Sergeant Wires: The ARFP had budget cuts. And the priest of a TV tried to kill me, can you believe? And LEGO's talking about eliminating your kind and my kind!

Commander Flash: Let's hope Jestro does a better job than you two chatterboxes.

End Transmission.

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