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Cut to the Chase

Hoodwink: The chase is on!

Sword: No! The ARFP reserves the right—


Hoodwink: Exactly my idea.

Kai: You would never do such a thing, would you, sis?

Brawn: Karlof destroy pyramid!

Macy: Oh Axl, no one could ever mistake you for that metal monster.

Hoodwink snaps handcuffs on Sword.

Since Sword is Gone We Can Now Include This Section

The Announcer: Who would want to announce for a certain dirty, rotten, digital scoundrel?

Referee: Will suffer from a headache.

Predictor: Will be exterminated.

Long Story Short: The TARDIS is doing this one.

Before the Battle

60 years in the past, Naboo...

Jar Jar Binks: Mesa saw police box around corner.

Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap! It's a trap!

Battle Droid: Surprise!

The Doctor: No wonder the TARDIS have so many mechanical monsters! Davros and the Cyberman must have a hand in this.

Davros: It is about time you figured out my identity. "Sergeant Wires" is a rather clever name for my Cyberman, isn't it?

Pharaoh Hotep: Aha! I just knew that there would be some useful information here!

Davros: Enough chitter-chatter. Daleks?

The Doctor: There's the TARDIS! So hold your horses Davros, I believe that you owe me one for rescuing you?

Davros: One favor. That's it, Doctor.

The Doctor: Then let us go and give us the location of Sergeant Wires.

Davros: Here's the homing beacon of Sergeant Wires. Now, that was your favor, but I'm feeling rather generous today so I will grant you're second favor. I will let you out of here, but you never said alive...

Jar Jar: Gungans, ATTACK!


Davros: My Daleks!

Pharaoh Hotep: Quickly now, let's go follow that Cyberman's beacon.

Jar Jar: Could mesa come with you?

The Doctor: Sure. Now let's move out.

20 minutes later...

Pharaoh Hotep: That is one giant wooden toy.

Jar Jar: MTTs no toy. Mesa no like MTTs.

The Doctor: Don't worry. I have a plan.

10 seconds later...

The Doctor: The voice changer function on the Sonic Screwdriver is on. Ready, Mr. Hotep?

Pharaoh Hotep: Run, Run. Roger, roger.

Battle Droids: Roger, roger.

The Doctor: All clear!

The trio run to the MTT and use a ventilation shaft to spy a helmeted figure, Spike.

Jar Jar: Achoo!

Spike looks up.

Spike: Intruder alert!

The trio drop down into the room with Spike in it.

The Doctor: Where is the Cyberman?

Spike: Did that traitorous Davros reveal Sergeant Wires' identity to you? Yes?

Spike draws a three-bladed lightsaber.

The Doctor: Only one person has a lightsaber like that. Kylo Ren!

Sergeant Wires enters the room.

Jar Jar: Bad metal man. Scary metal man. Evil metal man. Mesa destroy metal man!


Sergeant Wires blows up.

Captain Panaka: What is that noise? Oh, hello Jar Jar. The battle's over.

Pharaoh Hotep: Quickly, arrest that dude!

Captain Panaka: Mr. Helmeted Dude, you are under arrest for siding with the Trade Federation.

Spike is dragged away.

The Doctor: Now let's go back to the TARDIS.

5 minutes later...


Pharaoh Hotep: The ACU Troopers must've been here!

The trio are whisked into a portal, then emerge in between some bleachers. A giant sea creature emerges from the lake in front of them.

The Doctor: Where are we?

Pharaoh Hotep: Welcome, friends... to Jurrassic World.

The Battle

Chamelion: Welcome to Amset Ra's Fighting Pyramid! In the one and only Red Corner, is the one and only Terabyte!


Chamelion: In the Blue Corner is Space Hero!

Egyptian Police Cheif: You are under arrest for siding with the Corporation of Villians with Horrible Names!

Commander Flash: What is happening?! The TARDIS is being destroyed!

Chamelion: Don't worry, Squidman is in the Green Corner and Benny is in the Yellow Corner.

Rose: May the best spammer win.

Brawn: Fight!

Benny: Spaceship SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terabyte: Behold... The Annihilator!


Benny: My spaceship!

Squidman: I beleive it would be time to unleash the Master Spam!

A giant fish falls from the sky and crushes the Annihilator.

Space Villain: Who is hungry... fir some fish? I will pay everybody who eats this fish $100,000,000,000,000,000.00 in stolen cash.


Space Villain: Behold... The Annihilator ll!

Master H4X!


Terabyte: Master elimination!

Meanwhile, Team E...

Pippin: The Battle should be just around the corner.

Li'ella: And then we can catch that traitor Terabyte!

Unikitty: Think happy thoughts... Think happy thoughts...

Skylor: Don't worry. I have Terabyte's hacking power now!

Team E steps into the arena.

Leia: Terabyte, you are under arrest in the name of the Republic!


Terabyte: What?! Someone hacked my hack!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Li'ella: Fire CHI! ROARRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Brawn: Terabyte is eliminated!

Unikitty: Angry Kitty mode!

Benny: Spaceship SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!!!!!!!


Space Villian: No... This should not be happening...

Benny's Spaceship is built under Space Villian and takes off!


Space Villian's space blows up, along with Space Villian.

Brawn: Space Villian is eliminated!

Benny: Let's see... hmmm... it seems like you have a model #320459 rocket launcher. Dissasembly time: 20 milliseconds.



Benny: Behold! My rocket pack!


Squidman: Noooo!

Brawn: Benny wins!

After the Battle

Team F...

Benny: Where's the next target?

Jay: Sources say Ancient China.

ACU Trooper: Ancient China, here we come!

Finn: I'm coming too, China!


Jay: Who is that?

Finn: Looks like Lord Blaze.


Benny: Stormtroopers!

ACU: Stun rod, go!


Stormtrooper Sergeant: Retreat!

Finn: Let's go!

Team F runs into the Chinese Temple.

Jay: Lightning!

BamBamBam! BamBamBam!

Benny: All systems go... 100%...

The Stormtroopers retreat?

ACU: What happened?

Benny: I sent a signal to the Stormtroopers to return to their base.

Finn: Follow them!

Team E and Team F is the Pyramid Staff's only hope! What will happen next? To be continued...

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