Welcome to the pyramid where, technically speaking, cheap plastic toys beat the bricks out of each other!

–Terabyte, Jack Fury vs. Agent Chase vs. Squidman vs. Buggoid

Terabyte is a hacker and technomaniac. Son of Technobyte and Tetrisbyte, he is incredibly intelligent. In the fighting pyramid, he has been a spectator, announcer, predictor and competitor.

In the final battle of the second half of the first Round of Season 1, Terabyte beat Tormak and Jay. This allowed him to move to Round 2, where he nearly beat Tremorox and Kai, but the Ninja of Fire surprised him in the last moment, going on to face Terabyte's g the Season Championship.

During the TARDIS takeover, Terabyte managed to defeat the Phoenix king Fluminox, but lost to Benny in Round 1, Benny in Round 1, before betraying the Pyramid Staff. He was then defeated in Round 2 by his boss, AntiMatter.

Nominated by: Edit

Season 1: Commandosaur

Season 2: Commandosaur