D'oh! This is gonna be the lamest battle yet!

The Announcer: Wyldstyle

The Referee: Evil Robot

The Predictor: Captain Brickbeard

Before the BattleEdit

Queen Hypogirtis is poring over some lawsuits.

Alien Queen: Hmph. So Pharaoh Hotep has some nerve, thinking he can file a lawsuit against me, the Queen of Mars. All I did was inject myself with one of the earthling's precious jewels, and he suddenly behaves like a lunatic. What a wimp.

Hovok: Your Majesty, there is someone to see you.

Alien Queen: Oh good! It must be my blind date! Love first, lawsuits later!

The door opens and see feats her eyes on the manly sight of...

Alien Queen: Ahh, Crystal King, I have always been fascinated by foreign royalty. Please, do come in.

He does.

Hovok:"' I'll give you two some space.

Alien Queen: I rule all the space I ever wanted. But yes, you may leave.

He does.

Hyvak: What's up with the Queen?

Hovok: She's dating a Rock Monster.

Hyvak: Oh please, not one of those horrible Rock Raiders ones!

Hovok: No, no, it's the Crystal King.

Hyvak: That's better. But soon this place may be crawling with Rock Monsters!

Hovok: It already is. That one Meltrox from "Martian Madness" has multiplied quickly.

Meltrox: Melt Melt trox!

Hovok: Run!!!

The BattleEdit

Wyldstyle: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid, blah blah blah. Tee-Vee and *gulp* Homer Simpson are the competitors. Brickbeard will predict the winner after the battle. Fight!

Captain Brickbeard: Hey, that be not like ye at all. Are ye sure ye're not Lord Vampyre or Camille in disguise?

Wyldstyle: Oh! Uh, what gave you that idea?

Captain Brickbeard: A little birdie told me.

Wyldstyle: Named?

Captain Brickbeard: Fluminox.

Fluminox: The Phoenix king has reason to believe that Wyldstyle is an impostor.

Wyldstyle: I am not!

'Her wig falls off.

Camille: Uh... gotta go!

She flees with Anubis Guards hot on her heels.

Captain Brickbeard: Be there an announcer around here?

Invizable: Allow me.

He sits in the announcer's booth.

Grandma: What a gentleman.

Grandpa: That's no gentleman! He looks just like all the other punk rockers!

Grandma Visitor: But Grandpa, he doesn't have any mohawk hair.

Invizable: In the ROCKIN' Red Corner, the awesome-but-not-as-awesome-as-me Tee-Vee!


Priest of the Tee-Vee: I rigged the announcer's booth so if the announcer blasphemed Tee-Vee he would get ejected.

Invizable: Fail! I glued the seat to the floor when I found out there was an ejector seat. My chair never left the booth. You lose! Ahahahaha!

Priest of the Tee-Vee: And I'm never laughed at...

Invizable: In the STORMIN' Blue Corner- oh come on! Don't tell me he's here.

Homer rushes into the stadium.

Homer: I'm here! Sorry I'm late!

Invizable: I asked you not to tell me that! Go ahead and predict, Captain.

Captain Brickbeard: Obviously Tee-Vee be my choice, because although Homer Simpson has a remote control, it be practically worthless compared to Tee-Vee's tech.

Homer: WHAT?

Priest of the Tee-Vee: You heard him, Homer.

Invizable: And now, I'll ask our Evil Robot to start us off.

Evil Robot: Start match or be annihilated.

Homer: Well, one of of us is gonna get annihilated anyway. Pause Button!



Tee-Vee: Remote control = No effect.

Bart Simpson: Dad! That's your normal TV controller, not your Tee-Vee controller!

Homer: D'oh!

Tee-Vee: Initiating Zealous Zinger.

Pewpewpewpew! Fry!

Evil Robot: Homer Simpson has been annihilated.

Invizable: A mkistake made this match the fastest one in history! Let's make this battle page short! End transmission!

After the BattleEdit

Amset-Ra: Hey you, author! You honestly didn't think you were going to get away with a battle without me, now were you?

It's been done before. See Toxikita vs. Nya.

Amset-Ra: Anyway, this battle is still only the seventeenth shortest match, so here's to a pointless ending!

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