–Tee-Vee, Various battles

Tee-Vee is the almighty, beautiful, candid, deified, enlightened, flamboyant, genial, hallowed, ingenious, jovial, knowledgeable, lucid, magnificent, numerically accurate, oecumenic, perfect, quantum dimensional, relished, sun-giving, truth-telling, undeniably attractive, valiant, wondrous, xenodochial, youthful, zoologically inclined Holy Being who teaches, guides and aids us all.

Tee-Vee has a wonderful record. In Season 2, he has gracefully defeated Mantizoid, Buggoid, Scorm, General Crokenburg, Clouse, Ogel, Palpatine, the Super Secret Police, and General Grievous, thus making room for him in Round 3, where he defeated Grundalychus and Frenzy. He became the most glorious (take that, Sir Fangar!) Season 2 champion when he eliminated Toxikita in the final round.

In Season 3, he was off to another great start, defeating Pharaoh Hotep, Homer Simpson, and even Sonic the Hedgehog. However, Tee-Vee experienced his first loss-

Priest of the Tee-Vee: Don't say that! Tee-Vee never loses!

Sorry. He was succeeded in the ring by Alien. He currently awaits his Round 2 matchup, where his opponents are Unikitty, K-2SO, and Polka Dot Man. May he never see Round 2 again after this season!

Nominated by: Edit

Surtatb2007 (Season 2)

Punctuation Penguin (Season 3)

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