Professor Christina Hydron interrogates interviews Kai before the final match of Season 1. You might use this interview to determine your vote - or you might not!


Professor Christina Hydron: Good evening, Kai. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Kai: Hmph. Why do I have two senseis? And why on earth is Cole the leader of the Ninja?! They deserve someone more awesome like me!

Hydron: Well, you do have Nya...

Kai: Well, yeah, I guess no one else can say that.

Hydron: So, how tough was the Great Devourer?

Kai: Oh, horribly tough. He peeled part of Zany's face off, and-

Hydron: Zany?

Kai: My nickname for Zane. Anyway, it was funny watching the Great Devourer turn against Pythor and eat him. I met Pythor later, and his skin was like, all white! It was almost as if the purple was painted on him. I also gave the Fang Blades to Nya, so now the Great Devourer is at her beck and call.

Hydron: Haha. How are you doing in the Tournament of Elements?

Kai: I'm in Round 3, and my next opponent is Whiplash. I'm surprised that the Skulkins are in the Tournament.

Hydron: Speaking of tournaments, you're going in to the final round against Invizable, the Elemental Master of Light and the self-proclaimed Elemental Master of Lightning.

Invizable: That can't be. Jay is already the Elemental Master of Lightning. I'm sure he wouldn't like plagiarism.

Hydron: Anyway, how do you plan to win?

Kai: Easy. Spinjitsu, Spinjitsu, and more Spinjitsu. And when I'm done that, I'll use Spinjitsu. Oh, and I can also use my sword, Ninjago spinner, and my newly-acquired Airjitsu.

Hydron: Nice. Any last words? Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kai: I really hope that Master Chen is in the tournament, 'cause I'm gonna pound him!

Hydron: And discontinue Chen's noodles? No siree. Anyway, goodnight.

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