Thou shalt not destroy Sauron the Great!

–Sauron, Sauron vs. The Great Devourer vs. Benny

Sauron... where do I start. This villain from the Lord of the Rings franchise is the main antagonist of the Lord of the Rings movie, and I hear he probably wanted to be the Lord of the Rings, as he had the One Cheerio Ring to rule them all. Too bad some old guy threw it in a volcano somewhere.

By the power of the One Cheerio, this cunning villain dominated the Fighting Pyramid for one match, managing to defeat AntiMatter and Gimli. However, Bard was hungry and ate Sauron's source of power, leading to his downfall.

Sauron returned in Round 2, where he was pitted against The Great Devourer and Benny, but the giant take took home the win, thus eliminating Sauron.

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