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Inevitably I am the most ingenious mammoth you will ever see.

–Mottrot, Frenzy vs. Sarlacc vs. Mottrot vs. Dr. Inferno

Make way for the brains of the Mammoth Tribe! Mottrot is the prince of the Mammoth Tribe. (Or is it Mungus? I can never get mammoths straight.) He is the son of Maula and brother of Mungus, and also the co-pilot of Maula's infamous Ice Mammoth Stomper. But sometimes he is rejected for Mungus. (Hey, If I were Maula, I'd make Mungus and Mottrot my slaves! Hahahahahahahaha!)

Mottrot didn't so so well for a mammoth in Season 2. Although he beat Frenzy, Sarlacc, and Dr. Inferno, his world was rocked by Season 1 champion Invizable. In Round 2, a little misunderstanding got him elimimated, and Electrolyzer went on to win the match.

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