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I'm a ghost, what did you expect?

–Morro, Morro vs. Shadow Snapper vs. Time Ninja vs. Craniac

Morro is a powerful posser-ghost from the Cursed Realm. He is also the Elemental Master of Air, the Master of Ghosts, the Master of Possing, the Master of Possession and more recently the Master of Fire. One of his more powerful abilities is speaking in the colour purple.

Morro has a 3-1 record in the Fighting Pyramid. He defeated Time Ninja and Craniac using Shadow Snapper's body, and then easily beat Shadow Snapper as well. After that he defeated Snake, the Grundalychus and the Monster Crab using Fierce Flame's body. In his third Round 1 battle, he defeated a Dilophosaurus and his ally Ghoultar, and won a close match with Mungus. In his Round 3 battle, despite using Indominus Rex' body, he lost to Kai.

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