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  • I will be gone until around Thanksgiving. When you return, could you please manage the wiki and be our primary battle writer until I return? You can finish the battle I am currently writing, which can be found on the new Template:Incomplete Battles page. You can find the other matchups at Previous Battles.

    If you're not available for this task, that's okay. I'll only be gone for seven months.

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  • Not much happened around here, except I got someone from the Community Chat Room interested in the pyramid. He has not contributed yet, though. Also, here are the battles you may have missed:

    Battle 1

    Battle 2

    Battle 3

    Battle 4

    Battle 5

    Battle 6

    Battle 7

    Battle 8

    Battle 9

    Round 2 Battle 1

    Round 2 Battle 2

    Round 2 Battle 3

    That's right, we entered Round 2 already. I put the battles in this format to prevent spoilers.

    I am quite busy with a new battle-every-Saturday schedule, as well as maintaining our new Update Log. I also added a new template which will eventually be added to all battles. Check it out here.

    I'm also producing a teaser poster for this year's Pyramid Staff Story. I'm sure you'll really like it.

    I'm also making epic theme music for the battles themselves.

    My schedule is loosening, so I'm active nearly every day here. If you need me, just contact me on my Message Wall. See you around!

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  • Alright, so it may be kinda late to post this, but I thought I'd let you know what went on in the chat room on New Year's Day.

    *Surtatb2007 stopped in, and wondered if you would come. I told him that you hadn't been here for a little while.

    *He introduced to us Infinitychef, who happens to be his brother, and also the name of Surtatb2007's Minecraft account.

    *Surtatb2007 said he had a LEGO picture to share.

    *He also asked if there would be another story like the TARDIS story. I told him that there would be, and that it would start later this season. In fact, I've got ideas for stories up to Season 5!

    Speaking of stories, I have plans to post a teaser poster for the next story soon.

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  • Alright, so I looked back at Dalek vs. Great Devourer today, and I realized something was incorrect. Having started watching Doctor Who recently, I discovered that Weeping Angels are incapable of normal speech, but, in a way, Daleks are. I also wanted to expand on a certain part of the plot.

    Why am I telling you about this? Because I want to get the consent and support of other users before editing older battles like this, especially the TARDIS era battles.

    BTW I'm BubbleBomber, I just changed my username.

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  • Are you available to chat? I've got big news concerning new prisoners guests. If not today, I'm available most days between 8PM and 12AM Eastern Time, though usually between 8PM and 10PM.

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  • Knowing that you are the founder of at least two roleplay wikis, I thought you would be interested in one I am doing.

    It's the sequel of a roleplay done six years ago, but first, let me tell you about the old one.

    Users oogaooga and Goon embark on a journey to stop Silent Shadow, another user. The elements are mostly from Kingdom Hearts, but it is less prominent in the second adventure.

    The second adventure takes place ten years after the first, and when the original heroes are kidnapped by Silent Shadow, it's up to a new group of heroes to rescue them.

    Both roleplays are on a gaming site called Hero Interactive. Here are the links in case you're interested:

    First Adventure

    Second Adventure

    The first adventure's post has a lot of comments, so scroll down to the first comment of August 19. For the second one, the start of that adventure should be a lot easier to find.

    Let me know what you think.

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    • All I can say is that I am thoroughly confused, probably because I have no idea what Kingdom Hearts is. I take it that this is all somehow related to Mario things?

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    • Yes, there are Mario things in the second adventure. I too was confused until I took my time to read the first several posts of the first adventure. There's nothing to stop you from jumping right in, and I can explain things to you along the way. (On Hero Interactive, I'm known as VigilonXL.)

      Or we could start a roleplay here, if you like. I specialize in LEGO, Mario, Kirby, and Sonic (at least the Archie comics). How does that sound?

      I have a different taste in roleplaying than most other people. I don't care for the kind where one replaces all the existing characters with characters of their own imagination. It just seems to take away from the classic feel. I like the roleplays where I get to add my own user into the adventure with all the existing characters and just a few custom characters. That's how the Hero Interactive roleplay did it, and that roleplay is how I fell in love with Kirby.

      P.S. On the main page, I started the Brickfilm of the Month and LEGO News sections. I also wrote a new chapter of Not So Ultra Agents.

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  • I don't think your new Battle Polls page is working. Wouldn't the comments work just as well?

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    • Graciously accepts*
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Commandosaur, how do you use the coloured text option?

    I can't seem to find it and I want to use coloured captions for my fighter images.

    Please help me.

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    • Coloured text can be created by using specific coding in the source mode. Below is an example from Morro vs. Mungus vs. Dilophosaurus vs. Ghoultar.

      Morro - Does he have green crystal legs? One Geolix is enough- I mean, if he wins, it's straight to Round 3 for him.

      You can change Red to Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple and possibly White (Orange doesn't show up well on this background). The text that appears is everything between "Morro" and "him."

      EDIT: Oops, that didn't work. Just look the source mode on a page with coloured text, you should find it.

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  • Commandosaur, could I write a promo battle?

    It is Dalek vs. Chicken suit guy.

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