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Noooo! Give my staff back!

–Master Chen, Buggoid vs. Alpha Draconis vs. Scarab vs. Master Chen

Master Chen is the maniacal leader of a group of Anacondrai Cultists. He is also the part-time owner of a staff that could contain the powers of all the Elemental Masters. Perhaps he is most famous for the knock-off of Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid, "Master Chen's Tournament of Elements". Shame on those plagiarizers.

Master Chen has a 1-2 record in the fighting pyramid. In the 1st Round of Season 1, he defeated Terry, Alpha Draconis and Scarab, but lost to Kai. In round 2, Master Chen was defeated by the Geonosis Clone Trooper.

Chen did even worse the next season, beimg elimimated right away by Electrolyzer. Note to self: This is NOT the Tournament of Elements, which means he cannot cheat.

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