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This is the 8th battle of Season 2.

The Announcer: Invizable ACU Trooper 1

The Referee: Grundalychus ACU Trooper 2

The Predictor: Tee-Vee Terabyte The Holy Spirit Of Tee-Vee

The Fighters:

The Battle Edit


Ultron - Unlimited Labyrinthine Technological Rendezvous Over Nevada


Mantizoid - Just how Mantis-like is he? Hopefully not a cannibal, but the head-turning is cool!


Eruptorr - Watch out for the volcano, Eruptorr! Wait, you're the volcano!

ACU Trooper 1: We're back!

ACU Trooper 2: The next place we were going happened to be the address of Jurassic World...

ACU Trooper 1: Who knew...

Owen Grady: I knew.

ACU Trooper 2: Jurassic World has a long address...

Audience: What happened to Invizable?

ACU Trooper 1: Amset Ra fired him. He didn't like the guitar solos.

Invizable: But I signed up as a season announcer!

Audience: What happened to Grundal?

ACU Trooper 1: I don't know. All I can say is nobody likes Grundalychus, sorry, nobody likes Grundalitis...

Audience: What about Tee-Vee?

Terabyte: I destroyed him.

Ancient Priest: I'm going to hack your motherboard for this!

Terabyte: I... Didn't... Know... That... The... Ancients... Had... Computers...

ACU Trooper 2: The new predictor is the Holy Spirit Of Tee-Vee.

Audience: Goodbye, Terabyte.

Tee-Vee: Uploading Prediction... Upload Complete. Ultron=Champion.

ACU Trooper 1: Wait... Jerry the Mantizoid is in the Red Corner, Ultron is in the Best World Dominator Corner... Wait, is that what it says? Yep, it is... Christmas Yoda is in the Green Corner, and Eruptorr is in the Yellow Corner.

ACU Trooper 2: Fight.

Christmas Yoda: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Ultron: Okay, I will try to destroy you... And succeed!

Christmas Yoda: Succeed you will not.

Eruptorr: ERUPTORR!!!!!

ACU Trooper 1: A shocking turn: Eruptorr knocked Yoda out!

ACU Trooper 2: Christmas Yoda is eliminated!

Jerry: Let's see what a few shots can do...

Eruptorr: ERUPTORR!!!!!

C-3PO: That means "Ow!" in Rock Monster.

Jerry: I guess some shots do something. Let's see what a few more can do.

ACU Trooper 1: That must've hurt.

ACU Trooper 2: Eruptorr is eliminated.

Ultron: Destroy.

Jerry: Uh...

Ultron: Charge!

Jerry: Dodge!

Ultron: Hi-ya!

ACU Trooper 1: A blow to the solar plexus...

Jerry: Doesn't hurt at all...


Ultron: Dodge!



Ultron: Internal Systems exploding...


ACU Trooper 1: Wow.

ACU Trooper 2: Ultron exploded so Jerry the Mantizoid won!

After the Battle Edit

Amset Ra: The audience are sad you and Grundal are gone, so I'm hiring you to back.

Invizable: Ya-hoo!

Grundalychus: On the first day of my job I gave Grundalitis to thee...

End Transmission.

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How much did you enjoy Mantizoid vs. Ultron vs. Yoda vs. Eruptorr?

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