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Q&A 2#. Q: Is this a battle? A: This is a battle.
Season 2, Round 1, Battle 23 (72nd battle overall)
Written by Surtatb2007 on November 8, 2015
The Announcer

He who shall be blown into 1,000,000,000,000 bits.
The Referee

She whose name is Chell.
The Predictor

He who is the traitor that captured Zane.
The Red Corner
Lord Vampyre
Lord Vampyre
Watch your neck. Vampires are known to bite people there, but what about Vampyres? One letter makes a big difference.

Rank 21; 1-0
Nominated by TheAnonymousA
The Green Corner

Nominated by
The Yellow Corner
Clutch Powers
Clutch Powers
There's no power quite like clutch power.

Unranked; 0-1
Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Blue Corner
Warning: This match just got toxic. Handle with more care than needed.

Nominated by NexoByte

Before the Battle

Commander Flash: I wonder when those Fighting Pyramid Brats will find us.

???: Who would dare search in our swamp?


Commander Flash: Ready the stun batons.

???: You brought them here! I am very displeased.

Commander Flash: You are not my master.

???: Nor are you mine.

Jack Fury: Open up the door!

Grundal: Jack Fury was in my way so I rip him in half and throw him away...

Jack Fury: Yikes!

Commander Flash: Bring in Clutch Powers.

Clutch Powers: Ga ga ga!

Commander Flash: Water?

Clutch picks up a glass of water and drinks it.

Comander Flash: Just to let you know that water was poisoned so if you don't win this battle we'll kill you.

The Battle

Fortune Teller: Your destiny, Mr., is to be blown into a trillion bits.

Terabyte: Better do this quickly, then. In the Red Corner is Lord Vampyre. In the Blue Corner is Clutch Powers. In the Green Corner is Toxikita.


Ronin: I think Toxikita will win.

Chell: Fight!

Lord Vampyre: It feels so good to be back in the land of the living, only to make its puny inhabitants dead...

Toxikita: Right now you are one of them.

Clutch Powers: Here is my signature move, the "clutch!"

Lord Vampyre: Gasp.

Toxikita: Toxic-

Clutch Powers: Meltdown!

Dorothy: "I'm melting, I'm melting..."

Wicked Witch: Hand over the Ruby Slippers, my dear.

Nya: Water!

Wicked Witch: I'm melting, I'm melting!

Lord Vampyre: Just as you will be soon.

Clutch Powers: You shall soon be blown into oblivion.


Clutch Powers: Did I say oblivion? Sorry, I meant pavilion.

Toxikita: Just your luck. It is very bad luck, of course, that this pavilion is actually in Midway Arcade and is going to be unplugged right now, so, now you cease to exist. However, Terabyte has protected me...

Jack Fury: You're almost as crazy as me!

Toxikita: I am talking to nobody because I won the battle!

Chell: Toxikita won.

Commander Flash: You are talking to nobody becuase you are in my prison. End transmission.

The Winner
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