This is a list of all the running jokes here at the pyramid.

Fourth WallEdit

  • In Café Clip 1, Clutch Powers mentioned that his movie was released in LEGO's prime.
  • In Café Clip 4, the Skull Twins noted that Brick Daddy was not facing the camera on the Lunar Limo box art.
  • In Café Clip 6, some Phoban Aliens had wondered what would happen if Mars Mission was around for a little while longer.
  • In the same Café Clip, the Aliens had wondered what would happen if they were in Power Miners.
  • In Café Clip 12, the Adventures of Clutch Powers cast were talking about The LEGO Movie.

Alien Queen's Mispronounced NameEdit

  • In Café Clip 3, Pharaoh Hotep pronounced her name as Hippopotamus.

Use of UsersEdit

  • In Café Clip 4, the Skull Twins saw a newspaper headline that read that Commandosaur secretly likes Alien Conquest.

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