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Kai is my favorite ninja!

–Random Ninjago Fan, Kai vs. Fire-Arm vs. No-Eyed Pete vs. Stealthor

Kai is the mighty Red Ninja and Elemental Master of Fire, as well as a powerful spinjitzist and sword fighter.

In Season 1, Kai had a nice easy victory over Master Chen and Mosquitoid, but his fire was put out by Fire-Arm, thus ending his run through Round 1. Kai was then faced with two Round 2 matches. His first opponents were Tremorox and Terabyte, and his second opponents Space Villain and Geonosis Clone Trooper. Having won both his matches, the Ninja of Fire made it to Round 3, where he defeated Buggoid and three-week winners Mace Windu and Morro. However, despite his newly-acquired Airjitzu, he lost to Invizable in the Season Championship match.

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