This is 95% battle and 5% sitcom. WOOHOO! It's a hybrid!

The Announcer: Wyldstyle

The Referee: Tee-Vee

The Predictor: Cloud of Monstrox

The BattleEdit

Wyldstyle: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid! It's the only place in the world that allows you to set

up a vending station in the middle of the arena!

Amset-Ra: What kind of place is this, anyway? I never made that idea.

Wyldstyle: I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Amset-Ra: And now look what's happened! You just made Frenzy set up shop here! He's holding an auction

for your hair!

Wyldstyle: What?!

Frenzy: $22.95, $22.95. Going once, going twice-

Sam Sinister: $25!

Agent Trace: And a half!

Wyldstyle: That's cheap. Mine usually costs $75.

Amset-Ra: You probably should have waited until eBrick discounted it to $66.

Wyldstyle: That's my unlucky number. It reminds me of Emperor Palpatine.

Amset-Ra: Argh! The trap doors are jammed! Now I can't get rid of Frenzy. Well, let's just go ahead and start

the battle.

Wyldstyle: Right-o!

Amset-Ra: Oh, and I sold Ogel to Frenzy for two cents. He'll be auctioned soon.

Ogel: This is no way to treat the world's best scientific mastermind!

Frenzy: But Dr. Inferno is the world's best scientific mastermind!

Ogel: Not on my watch!

Amset-Ra: He'll be fine.

Wyldstyle: So who's our new predictor?

Cloud of Monstrox: Tally ho, old bean! It is I, the magnificent Cloud of Monstrox! I used to be a fiendishly

dangerous book. Actually, twelve of them. But I am now a graceful cloud, with Jestro as my humble servant.

Today, I have the glorious honor of being today's predictor.

Jestro: Can I come out now?

CoM: I must deny that. You know, you should count it a priviledge to hide inside my wonderful form. Now

then, Miss Wyldstyle, would you like to start?

Wyldstyle: Right! In the Red Corner, the amazing rebel droid from the Rogue One movie, K-2SO!

K-2SO: Prepare to be annihilated.

Wyldstyle: In the Blue Corner, the master of dots and spots, Polka Dot Man!

Polka Dot Man: You, droid, have been spotted by me, the great Polka Dot Man. You shall be eliminated

just as quickly.

CoM: May I humbly suggest that this fighter be removed due to uttering a bad pun?

Amset-Ra: I wish, but sorry. The show must go on. Anyway, why don't you predict.

CoM: With pleasure! Our fighters today are the rebel droid K-2SO and the villain from the yet-to-be-released

LEGO Batman Movie. I believe that K-2SO can use physical attacks, while Polka Dot Man can attack by

using the various dots on his costume. A rather flimsy method, I must add. Being a droid, K-2SO must be

suseptible to electric attacks, of which Polka Dot Man has none. Therefore I must conclude that Polka Dot

Man will win this skirmish.

Amset-Ra: Zzz- wha? Oh, good prediction. Tee-Vee, won't you start us off?

Priest of the Tee-Vee: You haven't learned your lesson, have you? O Tee-Vee, I beseech you to start this


Tee-Vee: Battle:start.

Polka Dot Man: How a rebel droid got so far is beyond me, but this ends here! Red Dot!


Amset-Ra: I see London, I see France...

Polka Dot Man: ARGH! Nobody look!

Amset-Ra: Pfffff ahahahahaha! That's rich! George, did you get that on camera?

Flying Mummy Cameraman: Got it!

Wyldstyle: I guess we can say that Polka Dot Man has been spotted changing costumes in plain sight!

Polka Dot Man: Alright, I have my new costume on!

Professor Hydron: PAUSE MATCH! Polka, how did that happen?

Polka Dot Man: That was not one of my battle dots. It was sewn onto my costume, which was only a

bedsheet! And fortunately, I was only wearing a business suit under my costume. That pharaoh of yours saw


Professor Hydron: Amset-Ra, is this true?

Amset-Ra: Sure, sure.

Professor Hydron: RESUME MATCH!

K-2SO: Start up rocket hands.

Woosh woosh!

Polka Dot Man: Fist Dots!

Toss toss toss! POW POW!

K-2SO: That method should be impossible.

Polka Dot Man: But it's not, droid, so put up with it. I guess you could say that my one-two punch nas

disarmed you!

Amset-Ra: Enough with the puns already!

Polka Dot Man: Sorry. (Or am I?)

Wyldstyle: To my surprise, K-2SO fired his hands like rockets, but Polka threw several dots which punched

the hands, destroying them.

K-2SO: Alerting Rebellion.

Polka Dot Man: NO! Bubble Dot!

Woosh! Poof!

Polka Dot Man: Now that I have encased you in a capsule, I shall finish you off the way AntiMatter would.

You're gonna dig this hole!


K-2SO: This is unacceptabllllllleee...


Tee-Vee: Winner = Polka Dot Man.

Polka Dot Man: Now that's how we connect the dots!

Amset-Ra: You should be lucky you beat your opponent when you did. That pun would have disqualified you.

Wyldstyle: To wrap up this match, Polka trapped K-2SO in a capsule and used a black dot to create a

portal-like hole to transport K-2SO somewhere else. Wonder where he went?

Meanwhile, on the Yellow Brick Road...

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion: Oooooooh we're off to see the Wizard, the

Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

K-2SO: I would prefer that you stop treating this capsule like a circus ball.

Cowardly Lion: Wow, this gumdrop machine can speak?! Cool!!!

Scarecrow: Meheheheh! Which one of you is Batman? I wanna use my new fear gas!

Cowardly Lion: I'm already a scaredy-cat as it is. I don't need help from you!

Tin Woodman: I'm not made of tin. Actually, I'm much more valuable than that, being made of gold with a

silver coating.

Dorothy: I'm selling you on eBrick.

K-2SO: Do end the transmission.

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