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I am ready to fight... FOR ANYTHING!


Jek-14 is a force sensitive clone, created by Count Dooku, and ready to fight for whatever he wants. He is wanted on three charges of plagiarism and one charge of copyright infringement. To be fair, though, I don't think any Police officers will want to confront him as long as he's got that force-powered arm of electricity.

Jek-14 has a 1-2-1 record in Round 1 battles. His first Season 1 engagement was against Battle Mech and Amset-Ra. While he was allowed to beat Amset-Ra, he tied Battle Mech after a LONG battle. He went on to defeat Crystal King and Clutch Powers before being defeated by Alien. In Round 2 battles he has a 1-0 record. He finally defeated Battle Mech himself, and went on to lose against Invizable in Round 3 to give him a 0-1 Round 3 record.

In Season 3, despite his prior success, he lost to Alien Queen in his first match.

Voted in by: Edit

Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 3: Punctuation Penguin (pre-voted)

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