GIVE ME MY GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–Jack Fury, Jack Fury vs. Agent Chase vs. Squidman vs. Buggoid

Jack Fury is the awesome and very skilled weapon master of the Ultra Agents. During his battles, he has used Ultra Armour to defeat opponents... except some Cyborg stole his armor design and used it for herself. Plagiarists these days...

With a 1-3 record, Jack Fury is surprisongly one of the worst fighters in the Fighting Pyramid, along with Fire-Arm, whom he has fought twice. He defeated Tremorox, Camille and the Exo Force Team. He later lost to the Buggoid. In Round 2, Jack Fury lost to Space Villain in a preliminary match.

Jack lost to the Grundalychus in Season 2, and Invizable in Season 3.

Thanks to Surtatb2007, Jack Fury has also served as a referee. However, he was then thrown in the dungeon and talked to an empty suitcase for 3 hours. A psychologist has been called.

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Season 1: Surtatb2007

Season 2: Surtatb2007

Season 3: Surtatb2007