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This is one of the many battles in Season 2.

The Announcer: Count Dooku

The Referee: Count Dooku

The Predictor: Count Dooku

The Fighters:

Before the Battle Edit

Count Dooku: You've got the instructions for the Clone-a-Matic?

Mace Windu: No. We've go instructions for Capture-a-Sith.

Count Dooku: How does it work?

Mace Windu: Like this.

???: Stand down.

Count Dooku: Thank you, Phasma. I'm afraid I'll have to kill you now.


Amset Ra: That was a bad dream. Wait...

Amset Ra opens his window...

Count Dooku: Welcome to Count Dooku's Prison.

Amset Ra: Uh oh...

Amset Ra rushes downstairs. Count Dooku is blocking his path.

Count Dooku: Halt!




The Battle Edit

Count Dooku: Welcome to Count Dooku's Prison. Here you are all trapped, but we have these glooooorious fights to entertain us. In the Red Corner is Invizable, in the Blue Corner is Master Chen, in the Green Corner is the Crystal Reaper Driver, and in the Yellow Corner is Electrolyzer. I predict Electrolyzer will win. Fight!

Master Chen: Your powers are mine, Vizzie!

Invizable: No!

Electrolyzer: Lightning!


Count Dooku: An early exit to Vizzie the King!

Crystal Reaper: Vroom! Vroom!

Electrolyzer: Lightning!



Count Dooku: The rise of "Darth Driver".

Electrolyzer: Lightning!


Count Dokoku: A shocking end to the Crystal Reaper Driver!

Master Chen: My staff!


Count Dooku: So here's the summary: Master Chen stole Invizable's powers, and then Electrolyzer shot lightning at Vizzie, eliminating the King, and then Electrolyzer blew up the Crystal Reaper, turning the Driver into Darth Driver, but then Electrolyzer eliminated him. Now Master Chen tried to get his staff and was fried, so Electrolyzer wins!

After the Battle Edit

Pharaoh Hotep: Welcome to the first annual meeting of the Pyramid Takeover Club. Now Terabyte will take the attendance.

Terabyte: Pharaoh Hotep?

Pharaoh Hotel: Of course I'm here. No, I'm not a hotel.

Terabyte: Dr. Inferno?

Dr. Inferno: Here.

Terabyte: Invizable?

Invizable: Here.

Terabyte: Gigglebyte? I'm here, and just to let you know, I will hack your computer tomorrow! Count Dooku?

Count Dooku: Here. And what was that thing I just stepped on?

Everyone Else: The Camera!

End Transmission.

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