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This is indeed a battle. What came first: the battle or the fighters? Hmmmm...

The Announcer: Tee-Vee

The Referee: Tee-Vee

The Predictor: I'll give you three guesses.

Before the Battle, or, I Dream of NadakhanEdit

Clutch Powers

Totally Infearno. Shh...

Amset-Ra enters his office to see a magic lamp sitting on his desk.

Amset-Ra: Oh, for the love of bricks, I hope I'm not going to relive the Aladdin adventure...

He rubs the lamp and Nadakhan emerges.

Nadakhan: I be grantin' ye three wishes, landlubber! What'll it be, matey?


Amset-Ra: First, I wish for gold-

Nadakhan: Ye wish for mold? Okay! Wish granted!

Amset-Ra: I said gold, not mold. Next, I wish for-


Amset-Ra: No, I did not wish for eek.

Chef Eclair and Axl emerge from the café.

Chef Eclair: Is terrible! Ze bread, it has turned into mold! And no one like ze moldy loaf!

Amset-Ra: Shame on you, Nadakhan. Axl, Brawn, whoever you are, what are you doing back here?

Axl: I couldn't resist your café.

Amset-Ra: That's because it's enchanted. Now leave.

He and Chef Eclair leave.

Nadakhan: What do ye wish for next, matey?

Amset-Ra: I wish that Ogel would stay in prison forever.

Nadakhan: Wish granted!

Amset-Ra: And finally, I wish for-


Amset-Ra: What this time?

Olivia (from Friends) enters.

Olivia: I was soaking in your hot tub, when suddenly, this black helmeted metal creep appeared in the tub with me!

Nadakhan: What? Ye only asked that Ogel bathe with Olivia together!

Amset-Ra: I said no such thing! (turning to Olivia) CORONA!


Olivia: I'm calling the coooooooooooops...


Amset-Ra: My hot tub is strictly off limits. And Heartlake City doesn't have police.

Nadakhan: What be yer third wish?

Amset-Ra: I wish for two more wishes.

Poof! Poof!

??? 1: Double, double, toil and trouble!

??? 2: Right in the middle of an experiment, too!


Nadakhan: Sorry, I be a bit hard of hearing in one ear.

Amset-Ra: At least pay attention!

Nadakhan: I be a Djinn. It be my nature to twist wishes.

The Genie Girl appears and blinks.

Witch 1: Ow!

Witch 2: You're twisting my torso the wrong way!


The Genie Girl laughs and blinks herself away. The Genie appears.

Genie: Give me my lamp back.

Nadakhan wishes for gunpowder, shoves it down the lamp, and fires himself out of the lamp. He lands on a certain red planet where a certain hexapedal creature guards a certain spaceship. The Genie gets into the lamp.

Amset-Ra: Well, that was fun. Time for the battle!

The BattleEdit

Tee-Vee: Boot greetings.exe.


Tee-Vee: Red Corner = Invizable.

Invizable: The king is back to rock your world!

Tee-Vee: Green Corner = Clutch Powers.

Clutch: With creativity on my side, and no Jek-14 to worry about, there's no way I can lose.

Amset-Ra: How can you win? You're up against three Ultra Agents villains. Two of them appeared in Ninjago. Oh, and Jek-14's appearing in the next battle.

Clutch: Yikes! He beat me once before. He's pre-voted, right?

Amset-Ra: Right.

Tee-Vee: Yellow Corner = Toxikita.

Toxikita: Is everyone afraid of a returning season runner-up?

Invizable: That's nothing. You'd best be afraid of a returning season champion.

Tee-Vee: Blue Corner = Infearno.

Infearno: TRY AND TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!

Frenzy: STOP MIMICKING ME!!!!!!!!!!

Amset-Ra: Yeah, Dr. Infearno.

Dr. Inferno: Did someone just call in an awesome mad scientist?

Amset-Ra: No, Toa Hordika.


Amset-Ra: Boy, that gets him good.

Tee-Vee: Minifigure of the Week = Anuba.

Anuba: Win like an Olympian runner who is without sluggishness!

Tee-Vee: Fighter of the Week = Mace Windu.

Amset-Ra: Sorry, Tee-Vee, but Palpy threw him out the window.

Li'ella: Ah saw him! He was hangin' on a little ol' clothesline in Coruscant!

Amset-Ra: Thanks.

Tee-Vee: User of the Week = ArcticSeahorse.

Amset-Ra: Presumably for becoming the next great battle writer.

ArcticSeahorse: And I'm looking forward to it!

Tee-Vee: Prediction = Invizable.

Amset-Ra: That contradicts BubbleBomber's prediction! Are you ill or somet-


Ghoultar: Hi! Welcome to the City of Stiix branch in Gell!

Amset-Ra: Sponsored by the Priest of the Tee-Vee, I suppose.

Ghoultar: How did you know?

Back at the pyramid...

Tee-Vee: Fight.

Ding ding ding!




Toxikita: Hey! That's my hair! Watch it!

Invizable: Missed me by a long shot. Better perfect your homing device, Infearno.

Infearno: I DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!!!!

Tee-Vee: Invizable: Visible = False. Infear-

Anuba: Outta my way! Watch a pro do it! Vizzie became invisible like an undercover spy, then avoided Infearno's flamethrower, the brunt of which fried Toxikita like a chicken!

Toxikita: Your analogies are getting rough, Toa A-n00b-a.

Clutch: Let's build something cool!

Infearno: COOL?!?!?!?! NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!!!!!

Toss! KA-BOOM!!!

Clutch: O-kay... I admit that I didn't need that.

Anuba: Infearno threw dynamite at Clutch just as he was going to build something!

Invizable: Why don't we form an alliance against Clutch?

Infearno: AGREED!!!!!!!!

Toxikita: Fine.

Clutch: Perhape my wording was wrong. Let's instead build something awesome!


Clutch: Behold! My Galactic Titan!

Toxikita: Behold! My poison!

Pew! Pew!

Clutch: Seriously, Toxie? Now to unload my missiles onto you all!

Invizable: You have to activate split function first.

Clutch: D'oh!

Infearno: GOODBYE!!!!!!

Toss! Toss! KA-BOOM!!!!!

Clutch: That wasn't nice!

Anuba: Infearno blew up the Galactic Titan like a cereal box!

Clutch: ...

Toxikita: RETOX! Where's my chopper?

Retox: Here!

He tosses a knife to her.

Toxikita: No, Retox, my chop-

Retox tosses a set of false teeth to her.


Retox: OH!!

The helicopter crashes through the wall, but it can't because it hasn't been fueled.

Toxikita: ...

Infearno: I've had enough yelling for one day. While you argue, my dear Toxie, I'll finish Clutch!

Invizable: Not if I finish him first.

Infearno: I was never captured by the Agents, I should finish him!

Invizable: You're right... You were captured by the Ultra Agents.

Infearno: D'oh!

Invizable: Um... Where is Clutch, anyway?

Clutch: Right above you!

Infearno: NO! He's going to crush me with his-


Anuba: And Clutch's MicroFighter Star Destroyer saves the day like a superhero on steroids!

Toxikita: Goodbye, Infearno.


Anuba: Infearno is OUT!

Invizable: Hey! I thought we were a team!

Toxikita: Well, you know, I kinda lied-

Invizable: No one escapes the wrath of a season champion!

Toxikita: I may not be able to escape your wrath, but I can escape you yourself.

Invizable: D'oh!

Toxikita: I'm the only fighter here who hasn't said that yet.

Invizable: You will when I blast you.

Toxikita: D'oh!

Invizable: Aha!


Invizable: YEOW! How did you find me, Clutch?

Clutch: Using my Umbaran MHC's radar and my state-of-the-art weaponry.

Invizable: Oh. Well. That not much. I mean, that's not nearly enough to beat me!

Clutch: Back to the drawing board.

Invizable: And back to shooting you, Toxikita!

Toxikita: No!

Invizable: Defiant now, are we?


Invizable: Watch this! Oh wait, you can't. I'm invisible.


Anuba: And Invizable had just built- I can't quite see it.

Invizable: A Storm Lasher, stupid. You know, the one from Exo-Force?

Anuba: Oh.

Invizable: Come to papa...

Toxikita: Oh, I will...


Toxikita: YEEARGH!

Anuba: Toxikita is OUT! Invizable shot her with the Storm Lasher, that's all.

Invizable: And now, Clutch, I have you in my Clut- what is this?

Clutch: My latest Rube Brickberg contraption.

Invizable: I can't dodge this...

Tip! Clackclackclackclackclack SNAP! Sproinggggg tip CRASH!!!!!!

Anuba: Invizable! Where are you?


Anuba: Ring out! The winner is Clutch Powers!

Clutch: It was foolish of him to run out of the ring to dodge my trap which consisted of dominoes, a mouse trap, my MicroFighter Star Destroyer, and my Umbaran MHC.


Amset-Ra: What did I miss?

Clutch: I won!

Amset-Ra: Great!

Clutch: Invizable cheated.

Amset-Ra: Irony!

Clutch: And Infearno stopped sounding like Frenzy.

Amset-Ra: D'oh!


Priest of the Tee-Vee: Anuba! You dare to overthrow and replace the almighty, benevolent, cute, devilish, exquisite Tee-Vee?

Anuba: Cute? Devilish?

Priest of the Tee-Vee: D'oh!

After the BattleEdit

At the Axle Bar...

Snake: Well, if it isn't the world-famous Nadakhan! What'll it be?

Nadakhan: I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich and a soda.

Snake: Okay!

Laval: Great outlands! Why is there a Phoban mothership parked outside?

Nadakhan: Beats me, matey.

Laval takes off his costume to reveal-

Alien Queen: It's MY mothership.

Nadakhan: Um... Very convincing disguise there, Queenie.

Snake: Here's your chilled grease sandwich and roadster.

Nadakhan: Thanks. I twisted the order to make it sound better.

Alien Queen: You twisted the soda to make it taste bitter?

Nadakhan: End transmission or whatever, matey!

End transmission or whatever, matey.

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