I practice.

–Invizable, Psyclone vs. Clouse vs. Tremorox vs. Rench

Invizable is an evil villain from the LEGO Ultra Agents theme. A little known fact is that he is also the elemental master of light from the Ninjago universe, however in that world he is not as evil... Or perhaps, he is never evil, and the Ultra Agents are in fact evil!

Invizable has an incredible record in the Fighting Pyramid, putting him in first place. In Season 1, he was swift in his defeat of Metalbeard, going on to beat Cole, the Alien Commander, the Alien Queen and Griffin Turner to complete the first half of the season. In the more advanced rounds, Invizable was successful in defeating the well-renowned Wyldstyle, Jek-14 and AntiMatter. Finally, Invizable battled fellow Tournament of Elements competitor Kai for the Season Championship, which he won.

Although Invizable beat Mottrot, Mungus, and Snake in Round 1 of Season 2, he wasn't as lucky as he was in the previous season, as he was soundly beaten by Electrolyzer, giving him his first-ever loss. Despite being a season champion, he was pounded by Pohatu in Round 2.

Invizable is one of six fighters to compete in all three seasons thus far, alongside Darth Vader's Apprentice, Jack Fury, Fire-Arm, Alien Queen, and Craniac. In Season 3, he beat Achu, Toxikita, and Infearno, only to be beaten by Clutch Powers. He awaits his Round 2 match, which consists of Sensei Wu, Flintlocke, and Metalbeard

In TheAnonymousA's blog battles, he is also the owner and host of the Fighting Cube, which competes with the Fighting Pyramid in Pyramid Wars.

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Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 2: Punctuation Penguin

Season 3: Punctuation Penguin

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