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This is the ?????th battle in Season 2.

The Announcer: Invizable

The Referee: Ronin

The Predictor: Axel

The Fighters:

Before the BattleEdit

Pharaoh Hotep is giving Sensei Akamichi another tour of the pyramid.

Pharaoh Hotep: And here... is the arena.

Sensei Akamichi: May I ask who is fighting today?

Pharaoh Hotep: Let's see... a giant spider, a humanoid ant, an extremely popular guy... and Grundal.

Sensei Akamichi: Who is this Grundal?

Pharaoh Hotep: You'd get Grundalitis if I told you, and we just finished containing it.

Sensei Akamichi: Grundalitis? What a strange volcabulary you ancient people have.

Amset-Ra enters.

Amset-Ra: Dad, I have a question.

Pharaoh Hotep: What is it, my son?

Amset-Ra: How come no one's getting Grundalitis?

Pharaoh Hotep: I vaccined all our attendees except for Frenzy, Ogel, Sir Fangar Pondar, Pythor, and all those other annoying minifigures.

Amset-Ra: How in Egypt did Ogel get back here?!

Pharaoh Hotep: I purchased him from AntiMatter.

Amset-Ra: WHAT?!?!

Pharaoh Hotep: I very much like Ogel.

Amset-Ra: I don't. What, or should I say who, did you give to AntiMatter in exchange for Ogel.

Pharaoh Hotep: A counterfeit Re-Gou Ruby.

Amset-Ra: That's my dad!... Um, what am I saying?

Sensei Akamichi: May we continue with the tour?

Pharaoh Hotep: Oh, sorry, Sensei. Excuse me, Amset.

Amset-Ra: That's strange. He never calls me Amset.

The BattleEdit

Johnny Thunder

Johnny Thunder - Who needs the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and a Crystal Skull when you have Dinosaurs, Tygurahs, and a villain who changes his appearance and name more often than you change your shirt?


Grundalychus - You better watch out, you better get your vaccination, you better not pout, I'm telling you to get your vaccination, 'cause Grundalychus is coming to town!


Shelob - Gah! Spider! Run!

Invizable: Welcome, everyone, to...

Guitar solo!

Invizable: ...Amset-Ra's Fighting Stadium!!!

Amset-Ra: Quit modernizing my ancient architecture and culture.

Antman - Ants beat Bats, every time.

Egyptian music solo!

Invizable: Quit trying to out-shine me. In the ROCKIN' Red Corner is the festive Grundalychus!

Grundal: Frosty... the Snowman... was a tasty meal of mine...

Audience: Gasp!

Invizable: In the CLASSICAL Green Corner is the adventurer who's not nearly as popular as me, Johnny Thunder!

Johnny: G'day, mate!

Dr. Kilroy: I say, is that really you, Johnny?

Johnny: It really is me, Doctor!

Dr. Kilroy: No wonder why I hadn't seen you in our expedition to Japan.

Invizable: In the Yellow Corner of JAZZ is that nightmare of a spider, Shelob!

Shelob: ...

Gollum: She will surely dominate the competition, my preciousssss!

Bilbo: Don't count on it. Grundal already has two wins and his own album of Christmas songs!

Dr. Brains: Looks like I'll be extra busy tonight...

Invizable: In the BLUES Corner is... Nanananananananana ANT-MAAAAAN!

Antman: I apprezhiate ze intro, but pleaze don't zteal Batman'z intro.

Electrolyzer: Hey! You ztole my ztyle! And thiz iz my virzt appearanze on thiz wiki zo var!

Punctuation Penguin: *sigh*

Invizable: Make that righteous prediction of yours, Axel!

Axel: Let's just say that superheroes always win in the end.

Invizable: And one vote to Antman! Now start us off, Ogel, I mean, Ronin!


Antman: Prepare to veel ze zting ov my vury!

Johnny: Oh great, mate. I should have brought bug spray...

Antman: It won't work on me!

Grundal: Squish... the bug and chew the Thunder, Moohahahaha, haha-ha-ha!

Shelob: !!


Antman: Eeww... Poizon...

Punctuation Penguin: Don't make me use my Spelling Bees!

Antman: Look, I already graduated from-


Antman: I've been tackled by a Chriztmaz Grundal...


Invizable: Shelob sprayed Antman with poison and then wrapped it up by wrapping him up!

Antman: I vorgot... Zpiderz are my natural enemiez..

Yellowjacket: No, I am!

Johnny: Take this, Grundal!

Whoosh... Snap!

Invizable: Ol' Johnny Boy threw a pickaxe at Grundal, but he caught it and snapped it in half!

Shelob: !!!!!


Antman: ...


Invizable: Shelob finished off Antman by delivering a ROCKIN' crush to him!

Gollum: Yes! Get me more popcorn, my preciousssss!

Grundal: Jingle bells... jingle bells... jingle all way... Oh what fun... it is when I can eat you while you scream... "HEY!"

Johnny: G'bye, mate!

Shelob: !!

Squirt! Wooshwooshwooshwooshwooshwooshwoosh! WHAM!

Ronin: Johnny Thunder is RRRRRRETIRED!

Invizable: Repeat performance of what happened to Antman.

Grundal: Silent night... Deadly night... All is calm... When you... are in fright!


Ronin: The winner is... GRRRRRRRUNDALYCHUS!

Grundal: Then... how the audience... loved him... As they shouted... out with glee... "Grundal the Christmas creature... You'll be going... to Round 3!"

Amset-Ra: Ronin is RRRRRRRECALLED!

Ronin: Only I can talk like-


Invizable: Tune in next time, when Grundal will be sharing the stage with me! Until then, end transmission.

End transmission

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