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This is 4th battle in Season 2.

The Announcer: Invizable

The Referee: Drillex

The Predictor: Clouse

The Fighters:

Before the Battle Edit

2:00 am, Kryptarium Prison, Ninjago


Pythor: Yesssssssss? Who isssss it?

Pharaoh Hotep: It's so terrible... The Adveturers stole the Re-Gou Ruby... Help me!

Pythor: No sssssiree Bob.

Pharaoh Hotep: Who's Bob?

Pythor: It'ssss a sssssssaying, dimwit! And it meansssssss no.

Pharaoh Hotep: Why?

Pythor: Pleasssssse wait for a curtisssssy dissssssssconnect.

Pythor hangs up.

The Battle Edit


Grundalychus - Who knew that Christmas could be so scary?


Gandalf - Power comes in many forms. One such form is grey and has a beard.

Invizable: Welcome!

Pythor - Isssss it truly him, the mightiesssssst of the Anacondrai, the ssssssstrongesssssst of the sssssssnakesssssss?

Sir Fangar

Sir Fangar - NOTE: We only named him Sir Fangar in this battle for legal purposes. Pondar will return soon, though!

Drillex: In the Red Corner is Grundal!

Clouse: We have a whole new glorious style!

Pythor: Hey! That'ssssss mine!

Lasha: What? I gave you your braces back!

Pythor: Not that! They stole my gloriousssssssss style!

Drillex: In the Green Corner is Gandalf!

Gandalf: Fight on for Middle-Earth!

Drillex: In the Blue Corner issssss Pythor!

Pythor: Ssssssssstop mocking me.

Drillex: And in the Yellow Corner is Sir Fangar!

Sir Fangar: The glorious style is mine!

Laval: So, after trying to conquer Chima, you want to conquer the glorious style?

Laugh Track

Amset Ra: Oh no! Not the Laugh Track!

The Joker: He he he he he!

Amset Ra: Is that the laugh track?

The Joker: No, it is I, the Joker.

Audience: *Gasp*

Batman: Get him!

Drillex: Fight!

Clouse: I need to predict.

Drillex: Un-fight.

Clouse: Gandalf shall win.

Gandalf: You're right.

Drillex: Re-fight.

Sir Fangar: You shall fall.

Pythor: And I shall rise!


Owen Grady: Is that the Dilophosaurus?

Gandalf: Eek!

Invizable: Gandalf was eaten by Grundal! That must hurt.

Drillex: Gandalf is eliminated!

Sir Fangar: Ice Hunters, attack!

Grundal: Deck the halls with bones of Ice Hunters, yum yum yum yum yum, yum yum yum yum.

Sir Fangar: Grundal is eating my Ice-

Grundal: Tasty.

Wyldstyle: I didn't know he could talk.

Grundal: How do you think I sing? And give out Grundalitis?

Wyldstyle: NOOOOO! DR. MCSCRUBS, I HAVE GRUNDALITIS! La la la la la, la la la la.

Dr. McScrubs: Take her away.

Invizable: Sir Fangar was also eaten by Grundal.

Drillex: Sir Fangar is eliminated!

Grundal: I can't wait until my 3rd course.

Pythor: And who is that?

Grundal: YOU!

Pythor: I surrender.

Grundal: No surrender.

Pythor: Retreat, Rodrigo!

Grundal: Who is that?

Jay: His pet basketball. Or maybe it was the hamster that tried to eat him?

Invizable: Pythor ran out of the pyramid!

Drillex: Pythor is out, so Grundalychus wins!!!!!

After the Battle Edit

Dr. Brains: There you go. You're whole pyramid is Grundalitis free. Again.

Amset Ra: I thought you have Grundalitis?

Dr. Brains: I do.


Dr. Brains runs away and steps on the camera, ending the transmission.

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