This is one of the Promo Battles.

The BattleEdit

Gold Tooth

Gold Tooth - He will definitely go for the gold, and not just in sports.

Nindroid Dragon

Nindroid MechDragon - Mechanical dragons are all the rage, especially when owned by mechanically altered Spinjitsu Masters.

The announcer: Dr. Inferno

The referee: Ogel


Dr. Inferno: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid!

Amset-Ra: Ogel's mentally sick today, so we have a replacement ref.

Ogel: I am NOT mentally sick!

Amset-Ra: Amset-Ra commands you to sit down.

Two Anubis Guards strap Ogel to a chair.

Amset-Ra: That's better. Here's our replacement ref!

Dr. Inferno: THAT'S our new ref?

Amset-Ra: Yup. Please welcome Tee-Vee!


Ogel: I can't believe the audience prefers Tee-Vee over me!

Amset-Ra: Amset-Ra commands you to be quiet.

The Anubis Guards begin binding Ogel like a mummy (not an easy task when he is tied to a chair).

Amset-Ra: That's even better. Ferno boy, announce the fighters!

Dr. Inferno: …Whatever. In the red corner is my henchman and a man containing the second most gold, Gold Tooth!

Gold Tooth: Wahahahaha! I'm gonna make some gold bars outta ya!

Amset-Ra: Who contains the most gold?

Some fangirls begin screaming as they chase Mr. Gold.

Mr. Gold: Heeeelp!

Dr. Inferno: …Double whatever. In the blue corner… Hey, did you make that yourself, Wu?

Tech Wu: Why, yes…

Nindroid MechDragon: Introduction quality = worthless. Scanning target… Scanning target… Scanning target…

Amset-Ra: He's taking an awfully long time to scan his targ—

Nindroid MechDragon: Scan complete.

Amset-Ra: Finally!

Nindroid MechDragon: Target type = deranged. Attack power = low. Chance of victory = 0%.

Gold Tooth: DERANGED?! Ooh, I'm gonna make gold bars outta ya!

Dr. Inferno: …Triple whatever. And now here's Axel with his prediction.

Axel Storm: MechDragon. He pretty much dominates the match, and Gold Tooth… No comment.

Dr. Inferno: …Quadruple whatever. Ogel… I mean Tee-Vee, start the match.

Tee-Vee: Initiating battle…


Gold Tooth: Ooh yeah!


Nindroid MechDragon: Pain from attack = 0.

Dr. Inferno: Gold Tooth started by throwing a statue at the Nindroid MechDragon, doing nothing.

Nindroid MechDragon: Executing fire breath.


Gold Tooth: HOT HOT HOT!!

Dr. Inferno: How can a mechanical dragon breathe fire? Can you run that one past me?

Tech Wu: The wonders of technology.

Gold Tooth: FALCON PAWNCH!!!

Tech Wu: But that doesn't apply to LEGO…!


Dr. Inferno: And Gold Tooth wrapped it up by falcon punching the Nindroid MechDragon.

Amset-Ra: You didn't say that right.

Dr. Inferno: …Quintuple whatever. Hey, Axel didn't guess right!

Amset-Ra: You're right. Amset-Ra commands you to sit down and be quiet.

The Anubis Guards tie Axel to a chair next to Ogel and wrap him like a mummy (Like I said, it's still not an easy task).


Amset-Ra: Nah. You two make great pyramid décor. Fans, you can vote for your favorite minifigures over at my Voting Booth.

Dr. Inferno: …Sextuple whatever. End tramsmission.

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